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We Get Married! Inventory of World of Warcraft Eight Big Wedding Halls (1)

Marriage is everyone’s life, choose the most beautiful palace, held a belongs to own memorable wedding, must be a dream for every couple. Come here take stock in the beautiful world of azeroth, how many halls for a wedding chapel! Maybe someday, you will enjoy the romantic moment with a girl after finish the tasks for wow gold.

Foot of Norda Hill, here everyone not unfamiliar, Sal and Agna was held a simple wedding here. Used in the past, sal has always been the pursuit of simple, few people present. Of course, due to the plot against a deer helmet, sal nearly died. But there is no denying the fact that there is indeed a good place for a wedding. Tall trees, green world, and warmth moon well, a lot of players like this place.

Frozen throne: many of the players could have wondered why this place, to view the world with Arthas! In his eyes, the world of ice and snow is what best good. For thousands of years, the thick ice hoarding, standing on high, the frozen throne, there is always a “be ling extremely, see the mountains small feeling! If he loved Jaina follow his pace, and presumably this will be their wedding location here!

Stormwind holy light church: the best place in the warcraft for wedding is undoubtedly the Cathedral of Light, especially alliance players familiar with it already for a long time. According to western customs, the wedding venue is held in the church. From the morning light to the evening, the cathedral of light are constantly busy and traffic. Not only that, but many players will visit those lost friends here. Carefully, it seems, the church is similar to the style of the cologne cathedral. In this summer, there will be more couples in the wedding ceremony!