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ArcheAge Gold Accumulate Strategy of Planting Rare Items Most Valuable(II)

Learn how to make money is required for all each player in playing games, for a know to make money, make money and have time to make money players, can spend less energy than other people can get more benefits. In the ancient centuries, how to make money is also a must to think about the problem. Here to share how by planting to earn more ArcheAge gold.

Task material: in the ancient centuries, apart from a few brush monsters directly impact the level of players, most of the players will still follow the main task in the early stage of the task, plant materials needed for production cycle is usually short, but the task level of ascension, along with the required material production cycle longer, began to appear some their items have demand for tasks, such as task need to repeatedly used in thistle, used for feeding goose, and other domestic animals make it into a happy state of beans and so on.

These can become a part of our income, for this kind of material, we need to pay attention to: first, the exchange of time must be early, before the task most people do, late will reduce earnings of ArcheAge gold. Second, quantity is not too much, because the task materials are disposable supplies; don’t put too much labor and time under the condition of the market demand cannot be obtained, make part production is ok.

Rare items: rare items, just as its name implies is refer to is not easy to get. In prophase of ArcheAge, rare items are urgent need to batch production of material is also equipped. The builders’ level of plate making, leather, cloth armor equipped, will need a rare plant fruit. Level plate are respectively made craftsmen needed soft azalea petals, production level needed for the leather craftsmen with luster of rice, production level cloth armour needed craftsmen of white clover.

According to the observation, the unit prices of these materials were 8-10 ArcheAge gold, which are very expensive. These three kinds of material in the rice harvest, azalea, white clover a chance you get, the higher proficiency and agriculture, the greater the chances.

So, which way are you ready to earn money? As novice players, wish this post can help you to get more wealth easy.


Boss Guides in WOW 6.0 New RAID Dungeon(II)

You must get many guides about buying cheap wow gold. So you will never get guides about wow gold in this article. The theme of this site will be Boss guides on Beast Damake and Kage Raz.

Beast Damake


BOSS background: Damake is a young trainer, who comes from God of Thunder clan. Comparied to other trainers, he is better at stimulating pet potential of brain and muscle and to provide iron tribal beast is his great honor.

BOSS skills: Lance Sting, call the herd, purgatory Breath and fever shrapnel.

BOSS guide: You can regard this boss as a BM Hunter. He is carrying 4 beasts, and he’ll switch attack mode when his life is reduced by twenty percent each time. It is similar to lightning third-last BOSS from fighting form. Key point in this Boss is set fire to rescue the teammates trapped by Lance sting teammate, and another key point is killing running wild animals as much as possible when summoning beasts. Moreover, pay attention to high fever caused by shrapnel and dispersing infernal breath Debuff.

Kage Raz

wow 6.0

BOSS background: Kage Raz is a master of fire. Jiaerlushi invites her to come to iron tribal to attaché fire to its weapons. Meanwhile, she is working tirelessly.

BOSS skills: Lava Lash, lava torrent, blazing glory, Firestorm and ember Wolf.

BOSS guide: The BOSS has a 100-point energy section. When the energy reaches different index, BOSS will use all kinds of skills. Distance need to avoid the lava hit, and the lava torrent’s damage is to be shared with the team. Players affected by the blazing glory pay attention to leave the team. When 100 point arrived, BOSS releases the firestorm so players need to pay attention to high damage and reduce damage and brush blood.