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nba2k Chris. “Big heart”. Paul

Scene of the Clippers on the Spurs in the tiebreak, first quarter of the game left 1 minute 43 seconds, Paul sat on the sidelines of the bench, his hands cover face, expression is very painful. In live under informed, we know that Paul strained his thigh, then returned to the locker room for treatment. The picture is continuously replay he sat on the sidelines hands face, the moment must train of thoughts drifting may countless failure memory surge forward at heart, for any one of the warriors, the battle to at this time, his heart only a belief: I don’t want to lose!

Scene of the Clippers on the Spurs in the tiebreak, first quarter of the game left 1 minute 43 seconds, Paul sat on the sidelines of the bench, his hands cover face, expression is very painful. In live under informed, we know that Paul strained his thigh, then returned to the locker room for treatment. The picture is continuously replay he sat on the sidelines hands face, the moment must train of thoughts drifting may countless failure memory surge forward at heart, for any one of the warriors, the battle to at this time, his heart only a belief: I don’t want to lose!

In the third section, wounded Paul still standing on the court, he will from time to time by hand to touch his wounds, but they don’t want to stop their own pace. Since joining the clippers, a team is people put on the “regular season gorgeous playoff off chain” label, Paul fed up with all this, he was sanguinariness, tip to maimang warrior. And now, he needs to prove that he is still so.

Received the third section 11 minutes 15 seconds, Paul Griffin assists and 26 feet outside the three points hit a jumper to succeed. 8 points 45 seconds, Paul the three-point line and continued to fire, 25 feet firmly Dangdang hit. This section left in the game with 5.9 seconds, the Spurs 78 76 lead. But when all the people think the Clippers will be backward attitude into the fourth quarter, or Paul, he backcourt dribble to the front to a supine before strange posture, beater 3 hit. At this moment, you can even hear him the heart of heart beat, each a blood boiling, each of the three points hit, to tell people: I don’t want to lose!
Description of a “big heart”, is very simple, straightforward, just one word: “the skill of the players will have at the crucial moment lifting capacity
1 second of the time left, you suddenly find, San Antonio the seamless terror shadow, living to cite a crack, Paul is down at the moment, the ball thrown out and in the air across a road, a beautiful arc, hit the board! At the moment of despair, leaving in Gregg Popovich, Duncan, Parker’s face.
Light red whistle, Paul was not excited to celebrate, the long big boy baby face, red eyes cry. This is his seventh time in the playoffs, had never been the Western Conference finals. He lost the Lakers, thunder, and only lost twice over the opponent is standing in the front of the San Antonio Spurs. It can be said, Paul, this is known for active first guard man, never beat defending champion level to the peak of the team. You can for him to find a reason to say they have tried, each other really strong, but Paul was the only one that I understand, I don’t want to lose!
Remember this game, remember the crying CP3, each of us, have witnessed the most glorious moment of his career!

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World of Warcraft 7:The basic point of attention challenge Azshara’s eyes


World of Warcraft 7.0: challenge Azshara’s eye point of attention. In Azshara mobs attack and kill unlike other FB requirements that the harsh
Azshara small strange kill and unlike other FB requirements that harsh, no absolute best, do not deliberately to remember details of all kill, only need to remember about total line
Our order is: kill the snake female Naga warlord the wrath of the giant Azshara

This hit the kill order reason only because the arrangement of time (heroism / bloodlust), we hit to kill order on the, 1, 3, 5 is (heroism / bloodlust) kill, and snakes and giant is not the reason detailed on the boss

Monomer provided two yellow young strange, snails and sea snails are read line of attack will give positive players a debuff, an increase of 100% easily hurt and the seagull is instantaneous sent to target confusion 4 seconds (loses aggro) so when the add to a snail, please avoid the positive spit or interrupted, and the add to gull to priority to kill to avoid losing hatred leads to attrition in addition, in snakes and giant boss field there is a seagull, if there is a fire team, please note that it is easy to add, as the case ahead of time to clean off
In the door:
Due to kill a lot of small strange. So, we try to put the mobs hit to kill time on Heroic / bloodlust) debuff time, so in at the door, we choose as little as possible strike killing mobs (Waring a door position of small strange after, we have to strike which killed a small part) on the left after the door, a region if the control is a controllable only, did not control, shot two, then hit kill zone B grunt and two law strange
Snake boss before:
Finished overseers (heroism / bloodlust), on the way towards the direction of snake, there are four grudges arcane division, each 5% cleared away, the fish will influence DPS to interrupt the water column is ground effect, is also very high damage, avoid or it is convenient also interrupted, this CD affix is violent, after raging arcanist injury is very high, it’s best to interrupt her arcane ejection
After clearing the arcanist, then clean up the red circle area of small strange, until kill boss will not add, and then began to kill boss red circle of small strange there will be among the many groups of small crabs (non elite) blame, to tank hanging slowdown accompanied by physical damage dot would, if there is no way to lift restrictions on the movement can let early treatment to lead the next wave of strange to enhance efficiency,Snake boss after the kick back (heroism / bloodlust) debuff should end soon or has come to an end, if there is no ending can choose small blame the progress bar to 72%, and then come back and kill female Naga boss and her in front of a small wave of water hammer
Giant boss before:
Kill finish female Naga returned to snake boss here through the cave here, roller coaster hole before checking on the progress, it is best to 75%, on both sides of the cave entrance the a giant be careful not to add, and then into the wave of goblins and wave murlocs (Murloc will run back and forth), clean out 10%, export (export figure red ring position) next to have wave Murloc clean out 5% here Fishman will to debuff on the tank, layer 1 bite 10% easily hurt, the goblins could have a lot of poisoning of the dot. But a group can be taken away.

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Luca Arthur: ESO skills attribute entry experience articles


Spend the teaching
Just enter the first game map is not new village, teaching, lets the player touch Gunpa, skilled in the operation of basic. You can first in their initial weapons, of vocational skills to understand and choose their first skills. After the experience of fighting, take a look at the story, touch the box. So easily near misses completed the teaching, officially entered the new villageSkill collocationIs that kind of freedom in the nine vocational skills into the new village, the figure will rise to 3, with 2 skill points. Then complete the prophet of the task, and

will send a skill points, a total of three points, at 3 and 6 kinds of weapons of the initial skills mix. Add game with its own “soul trap spell, the initial four combinations of skills, can be considered a wide variety, can play a lot of tricks. Together with the severity of the attack, parry, block interrupted, tumbling, stealth, jumping and other basic movements, let a person from a start enjoy fighting fun, there is no general online games at the beginning of the infinite flat cut, and then a skill without brain has been in question.

Add a little
At each level, the characters have 1 point attributes, which can be freely allocated to the magic, life, physical three inside, increase the corresponding mana, life value, physical valueNeed to explain, the allocation attribute points to the “magic” and “physical” will increase the skill damage. Measured increase 1 point “magic”, use Mana skills increased 1 point of damage. Energy value of the skills are not measured, but speculation effect should be the same. But of points assigned to the life, will only increase the value of life, there is no other additionBecause the three properties are important, in I is advocating balance plus points of the genre, please students from other schools do not face slapping, please you ye

ignore me
Equipment manufacturingAnd by this time, everyone should consider their own equipment problem, not a prison clothes. First of all, it is in the light of the heavy armor on the choice. Basic, law choice light armour, physical output selection in a, damage reduction choose heavy armor, of course, you to shape the visual effect of giving priority to, ignoring the armor skills is also possible.Then we each only from inside the hell was released, impoverished, how to get their first set of equipment?? this time to need to use the new added to the production of a variety of skills! ESO skills in a variety of production is simply conscience conscience ah, zero threshold, entry is simple, without any pre preparation — money
is not easy, please enjoy the use of production skills to produce the first set of equipment for their own!Also can collect a variety of herbs of potion making, set specific similar to the old roll 5 gold, four kinds of effects of each kind of material can eat the first effect There is a variety of ingredients, cooking is currently the only need to produce drawings of the exception system, so there is no time, do not pick up too many
ingredients in the body, accounting for the grid ah!So here you have the equipment, skills, do not go to Tamriel row. In the “entry experience” also reported a paragraph

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NBA2K Ten major breakthrough players third – Durant

NBA2K Ten major breakthrough players third – Durant


Selected reasons: 2009-2012 season for the three regular season scoring, the most active players to cut points

Comprehensive score:

Layup action: maybe it’s height, arm exhibition Adu in the game with the turning, bad luck is very clumsy. But this does not prevent us to break, the breakthrough is to turn around and Adu in the basket strong or very overbearing.

Velocity / ball: 168 speed, not too fast, in the middle. 168 on the ball in the SF position above is very high the. And Adu long wingspan, or is swung open people’s Congress windmill dunk, or top people split single hand buckle potential layup easy.

Explosive: KD definitely has unparalleled physical talent, 208cm height, 228cm arm of the exhibition, which for any defender will be nightmare in the perimeter have accurate shooting. Dart to domineering dunk. While riding a little buckle, but situ buckle, very very ornamental, low is also very good. If James Wade is from another planet, then Durant is, and they are of the same planet

Basket: 180 the close, 206 tall, strong inside the game to eat any SF is almost no problem, even James.

Anti interference ability: Freddy’s basket interference can ratio estimation is second only to James the. Folding basket hit rate, body deformation of the shots hit rate is quite high. Perhaps people would say that KD is not strong enough, but we must have a clear Durant weight than a rookie increased 20 pounds. Obviously, we can see, Durant each arm of the season in thicker. Now KD, not afraid of any physical confrontation, and often in the body loses balance case, shooting, or layup, sometimes even across a 7-footer dunk

Practical index: 96 [out of 100]

Global Impression: often full and in the attack on a very explosive force, can score from anywhere on the court. Height, outstanding sports talent and natural instinct let the became a great rebounder and capping hand. And in a game that Freddy will only become more comprehensive and more sharp, more invincible

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7.0 version on the eve of the professional hell fire fortress set of professional jewelry changes summary


2 sets of tanks: 5%

improve the probability Zhici produced the mysterious cattle beads on the wind: you kick to the 2 layer buff The red sun rises in sky., this buff gives you a skill is proficient in addition increased by 10%and 9.1 the same milk:

4 piece: tanks: whenever you eat a healing pearl, you the Chinese wine wine, blood reduced by5 seconds remaining CD on the wind: Thunder break provides 3 layer 2 piece effect, your energy limit of 20: the same fabric fog and formal clothes, but the soul of the town lead into the vivify is what skills? (visual operation or promoting blood circulation is essence of spring)

occupation decoration product: Tank: whenever your life value fell below 43%

you can get a layer of Chinese wine, the wine can make you improve all the damage caused by the 43% DPS: the same and formal clothing. The same clothes and formal treatment:


2 pieces: pain:Vampire / soul cause damage probability of 10%make you a impermanence does not consume demon

fragments: shadowbolt increase 2% damage to demons, lasts 15 sec, stacking up to 10 times the destruction: and formal wear the same set of 4: pain: affliction damage have 10% probability can give you 10% more damage, continuous 5 seconds destruction: and formal wear the same embers into soul shard demon: Wild Imp’s Firebolt has 8% probability summon a demon (that is, formal wear a set of 4 demon warlock professional jewelry mechanism does not change, so does not introduce the


2: enhancement: and formal dress the same, maelstrom weapon trigger shock element: earthquake of 45% probability does not consume swirl value milk:

and formal wear the same 4: enhancement: fighting the flames will increase 10% damage to natural elements:

each release 10 times lightning bolt, chain lightning, rapid increase of 20%, lasts for 15 seconds, every 3 seconds attenuation a milk: and formal dress the same professional jewelry, not too big change


2 pieces: blood: blood strike has a 25% chance to receive an additional 10 ice energy: not changed (but hit the ice does not eat the killing, so. The trigger rate has dropped a lot of) evil: simple and crude, improve the pet 20% damage a set of 4: blood:

the spirit energy consumption is reduced ice 5: didn’t become evil: has not changed, but due to the dark mutation is now 60 seconds fixed CD, so the cover rate decreased many professional

accessories: ice DK annihilation position increased dramatically, don’t professional jewelry to come in handy the?

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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.three Preliminary Patch Notes Released

Square Enix released today the preliminary patch for the considerably awaited Patch three.3 of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward.

Patch 3.three, aka Revenge from the Horde, may be the third content patch for the critically-acclaimed Final Fantasy XIV. Subscribers can anticipate the new content to hit the reside servers on June 7.

Among the list of biggest additions within the upcoming patch is the new raid succeeding the Void Ark that was released in three.1. Also, gamers will finally be able to see the conclusion of your exciting Heavensward storyline. As often, there is going to be two new dungeons with one particular becoming the hard mode of a previous dungeon, a new tribe quest, and quite a few extra.

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The on the internet game features a coating of opulence based on adaptation of Duncan Jones

The adaptation of Duncan Jones on the on the net game brings some thin covering, splendid and thrilling characters. Having said that, there is a fixation in addition to CGI spectacle that introduces a lifeless watch. Globe of Warcraft possesses twelve million players at its peak. Every single of them is going to call for turning as much as uncover this. It is with their comprehensive families. If it is to have previous of its very first installment, it’s an expansive, higher-imaginary epochal evocative with the Lord of your Rings or Games of gold from

Moreover, there is much to honor its ambition, its style and politics. Even so, there is certainly an also smell of John Carter. It is actually like the 2012 Martian flop. It can be a complex, jargon-heavy, deadly gained battle epoch. It really is brief upon star power that is definitely more than a touch of 1970s imaginary art about it. Its widest warfare could possibly be against widespread unresponsiveness. The newcomers do possess a big getup to move fast right here. The household world is Azeroth and it really is a Middle-earth like kingdom together with the lines of Medieval Europe. The population is broadly human. It is largely white. Conversely, there are also elves, dwarves and diverse other mythical beings in the fringes.
A sudden arrival of Orcs rocks the stability of Azeroth. They fill it from a different planet by means of a magical portal. These Orcs are certainly not the anonymous monsters of Tolkien wisdom. They’re extra like the intelligent Ogres as well as tiny heads, tusk-typed reduced canines and giant hands. They are the fingers using the size of human arms. Though coming to Orc fashion, the art directors have really gone to town. Alternatively, it is for the abattoir as a minimum. The accessories integrate deadlocks, hides, piercing, pelts and just bones. However, you’ll find totally animal skeletons. One particular badass does have rhino skulls because the shoulder pads. There is certainly another piercing by means of his tusks.
It is to get in touch with the Guardian since it will be to inform the god folk of Azeroth. It truly is at the sight of those attacking Orcs. It refers not to a directing liberal newspaper. Having said that, it truly is a Wizard within a tower as Ben Foster played humourlessly. This long-haired mage coping with his sculpture might be located. The wearing of leather trousers and there is absolutely no shirt. It has not ever been a fantastic symbol. It really is together using the young king and queen. It implies that there are actually Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga. Her brother is Travis Fimmel. It is to consider that Aragorn is with out the charisma. There is a further young apprentice wizard referred to as Ben Schnetzer. They ought to mount a confrontation.
Warcraft is usually to make the wrongs of game movies turn out to be upright asserted by Duncan Jones

There’s the introduction of panorama of a predominantly white European kingdom. The overseas, primitive darker skinned hordes would set the alarm bells ringing in the existing weather of colonization anxiousness. It might be an indirect Ukip broadcast. Alternatively, it might be a pro-Trump one. There’s none that could advise the Orcs which might be definite to steal the Jobs of Azeroth or explore its strategy of merit. Luckily, they may be aimed on overrunning their adoptive nation. You will discover the draining souls of all its living beings.

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