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Have no toilet of pandaria! you heard me — not a entire pandaria toilet.

No matter whether such as remote villages or extravagant honeydew village, including seven temple; no matter if the river like fine red perch, still waters upstream such as coastal village; no matter whether it really is lovely scenery such as Xianglilacun, dirty or muddy as saline mud; whether it is actually as clean as the White Tiger Temple just isn’t higher, or low damp Zhu temple also crane no; regardless of whether it is actually mining field dust not even, there’s still a high requirement of thunderkeg winery on water high quality and atmosphere, no!

Even so, the goblin Levitt, the emergency brake is distinct. The goods simply because the bomb bomb disorderly fried with light, rapid witted, decided to set up a temporary toilet, arrange the monkey monkey P. Guldin who will then toilet pee, monkey dung into biogas compressed bombs against invading Jin fish.
The goblin reckless, plus the no nonsense, promptly commence defense drama! Green Xiang as fineness, smell the stench of vomit is, with a bomb like energy, Jin Murloc moment many casualties, frustrated!

This war is so frenzied and dirty, to Yulianli, Victor Jicha himself to not mention, “if we are able to leave right here, do not mention it.”, but later removed for the toilet.
As before, I want the toilet why not affiliated power Blizzard? Boy, no one wanted to eventually escape the day, did not escape the fifteen!
Six, Delano’s toilet
Many people today play the game, in reality, there is such a query: my role is usually to consume, drink and drink, and I see it, it’s not scientific ah!
I have to say or comprehend the blizzard game player, in the “World of Warcraft: King of Delano > fortress method has gone in to the toilet. Only really like to make a fortress game player, you will get such an antique wooden toilet, drilling can get an achievement” law of life “.

Though it’s a smaller set, however the game is full of feeling, after all, wanting to answer the role with the game challenging few Chugong toilet, correct?
Seven, the broken islands from the toilet
Inside the broken islands, I only located a story of the toilet, is situated within the northwest of Dalaran magic pet enterprise district for theater.
Properly, this toilet has said the story is just not extremely accurate, simply because there is certainly no point to what activity here. Even so, when we from the toilet window towards the crescent to view, could make up the brain a series of hot eye story:

One example is: facing the crescent mouth posted a picture on the goblin women wearing bikinis sexy, I don’t forget this picture appeared in Delano on that wretched Nagrand, Goblin youngster photo collections; under is a series of strange and eccentric character, nobody knows what exactly is written, but no one knows these Luantie graffiti are “toilet culture”

Then appear down, for the horror: a brief Hu men, naked, so still occupy a toilet, the toilet will not be dumb huh. But not to sell toil work, take off clothes want? So, what was he undertaking?

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“Final Fantasy 14: Lotus liberator video demo new occupation function

SE yesterday announced a “Final Fantasy 14: Lotus liberator’s initial new occupation >, the mentor Red Mage, demonstrates the actual overall performance from the occupation inside the game.
The tutor will reach level 50 inside the game player does not require to automatically unlock, pre occupation, this is a magic DPS mixed occupation, remote magic even close connection, fast output.
The tutor weapon is stab sword and magic crystal device, might be combined into Apple pen in quick, looks quite cool.
In addition to the announcement of your video also introduced a new version in the swimming and diving, even though not in the battle within the water, but Naoki Yoshida stated the water content is going to be very rich, game player will uncover magical underwater animal Ananta habitat.
All water bodies might be open swimming and diving, players can land, water, underwater seamless conversion between the summer bikini can finally are available in handy.
“Final Fantasy 14: Lotus liberator > will probably be landing Pc and PS4 in June 20th, because the update a lot more content, this can no longer help PS3, all PS3 game player can cost-free upgrade to version PS4

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Hand to steal the energy of your delay, around the double dot rub anger hit boss.

Disperse and consume breath movement remedy
This component is the priority among priorities from the boss, greater than half of your time within the wasteland and movement. Familiar with running in disperse
The initial bubble doesn’t break up, the bubble of persons straight eat bubble corresponds for the color with the ninth.3 charge soon after the charge just isn’t dispersed, so you’ll need to cope with the 7 round of debuff.
Bubble mechanism is 3 can disperse foam debuff, disperse the debuff will pass for the nearest person. Debuff foam disappear naturally right after leaving the color corresponding to the debuff within the body, if there are 2 various colors of your debuff will be straight sprayed.
Bubble debuff to get a total of 8 seconds. The point of your persons within the eight seconds to complete the “eat the corresponding breath + disperse for the correct color of the teammates”. According to the time axis you will discover 2 different remedy strategies:
1 countdown 5 seconds – Paowei consume breath. Dispel all rounds for non 3,six round.
Debuff with 3 seconds to run to the corresponding color light, debuff countdown five seconds away. Right after spewing floor unified all Paowei, consume the corresponding breath.
2 1st to eat vomit breath -0 seconds to disperse. Applicable towards the third and sixth round.
Firstly, eat the color corresponding for the breath, debuff folks keep in mind the floor colour position. Just after spraying debuff ought to be left significantly less than 3 seconds. Other men and women usually do not move in just debuff folks ran towards the corresponding color floor location, the final 0 seconds away.
All the disperse movement, exactly the same colour debuff are enough to disperse, to prevent cross jump. Just after the flow of skilled debuff jump is definitely the most death. Only the individual to improvise.
Obviously, this also includes a certain luck. Point 3 is the most dangerous from the same colour, it is quick to jump one another. Simply because the CD can not be dispersed to fill the drive, the other jumped out with the dead.
There may possibly be an added charge before the bubble debuff (not included in the statistics, the debuff) don’t take breath so do not worry. The basic is 3 seconds to disperse, for the reason that when the countdown five seconds is going to be a hit fly, fly towards the subsequent blow million individuals of colour error on GG.
The treatment is very hard to see others when Paowei disperse properly, specially in the treatment of their time. Only the mandatory time node straight disperse, flooding the wrong individual that DPS runs a problem.
When debuff ought to also pay consideration to disperse, for the reason that at the very same time will lick.
In addition, debuff is a damage, remedy plus their very own to disperse the target on the blood should not be sprayed.
Rush phase and violent processing
three minutes and 40 seconds to charge third times over, soon after an excellent brush roaring attack melee blood, even entered the final stage of rush.
Debuff usually do not disperse, therapy to fight boss, brush the final 3 debuff of blood. Remedy may be straight just before the station boss to send one.
The last empty spray on, then the boss will start an assault group. Hard fury is 4 seconds 05 seconds.
DZ and CJQ can survive hard fury, and dodge / invincible can DUOKANG 6-8 second boss. belongs for the VIP occupation.
Some practical guidelines
The friendly open blood wonders, consume breath and look within the dispersed Paowei disperse whether or not in location quite intuitive.
Our initial reaction in flames have to bear violent recovery, will by no means die. Usually do not think what sort of healing brush, somewhat slower on GG.
Bear type consume belch, deer run type breath /debuff, really straightforward to use.
The test of individual potential and team boss. rhythm is extremely compact, and also the reaction is quite significant. Never score expertise.
Each of the boss mechanism of adequate understanding, a wrong is equal to two occasions of attrition, the wrong DPS definitely can not fall.

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WOW7.1 December 8th: Blue stickers promised PTR shadow damage total improve ability


WOW7.1 December 8th: Blue stickers promised PTR shadow damage total ability increases, with the view!
Just choose to clarify: these buff could be seen in the PTR and 9.1. The reason why we issued a document to clarify is usually to assist game player can greater locate them, mainly because they are in the corner. High play / analysis website it is possible to see and like prior to the analysis of these adjustments, we need to make sure that they could spend focus to and as usual. Spread the news. So this is not completely shady.
The patch present state is around the PTR full opening hours visible, enabling game player to attempt and take comparison and formal. But we do not desire to till the game player (or not) separate tests for each skill in every single patch, see its damage changed however. So we try and be certain you notice essential adjust, to promote everyone inside the final patch to finish the initial feedback.
Further clarification: PTR and formal service one more change to see the information, just before might not be clear, would be the bear type auto attack gives decreased anger. This really is our tank so that you can balance the specialized and intends to make modifications, we are going to continue to monitor its overall performance around the PTR.
As I talked about within the preceding, this patch is genuinely strengthen the shadow. At this point, it looks like you located (except the void arrow dot extended to three seconds) could be the void morphology damage bonus reduced 10%. and this might not be what you would like.
So, missing in this: mind blast, Mind Flay, void bolt, Shadow Word: discomfort, Vampiric Touch, Shadow Word: death, Shadow Word: virtual shadow, collision, void eruption, soul spikes, spirit burning, shadow Wraith, void harm enhanced by 25% direct flood.
The final outcome is within this patch shadow damage should be drastically enhanced, must be a lot more striking than the void morphology.
As I have described above, we program to immediately iteration these figures, but I hope that you just might be conscious on the modifications which can be not so apparent.

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Star Wars Battlefront debut destroying the enemy

Star Wars games have a classic but beyond count, while far more serious if we only rely on IP derived VR games, then the game player isn’t acquiring it!

December 6th: Star Wars Battlefront: a X wing VR job has ultimately landed PSVR, provided that you have got the Star Wars: the front is often free of charge to play this VR game. Game player would be the long-awaited Dream Star Wars can ultimately accomplish within the VR world. Within the game you’ll be able to open space fighter fighting familiar with the link, and there is no distinction and what the movie screen! Just about every image details are extremely shocked, just like in the identical movie.

On the other hand, this really is inside the name from the game is too long also extended “Star Wars Battlefront: a X wing VR job (Star Wars Battlefront: Rogue One X-Wing VR Mission)

In the Star Wars Battlefront: a X wing VR task game player will manage the Star Wars series of iconic X wing in space and practical experience somewhat story. For those fans of star wars, VR could make you higher! With the leverage impact VR lightsaber!
In the view of good quality is worth hunting forward to! Or fans of those Star Wars need to be how are going to be specifically enthusiastic about any case, what will expertise a!

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Liverpool by the influence of FIFA, it need to be anti invest in it?

FIFA virus, in the finish with the week after again turn out to be a topic, as the European season goes on, players physical loss recovery has been slow, the wounded tired degree is strengthened, thinking about in the general path, this weekend’s “virus” attack chance needs to be larger, but in the previous the last year the national team from the week course, European players of games is small, numerous players just hit a qualifier, Glenn Seidman need to hurt “excuse” early return to the club for Mesut Ozil, even two German game “receive rest”, plus the addition with the disabled list also come, Morata, Robben, Bellerin, Rome gnoli, sabaleta, Coleman, Harvey Martinez, Lallana and so forth., but most players rest time is assured, the player requires to mention the FIFA virus But there is absolutely no require to make an effort to avert the cold win not trusted.
The existing significant league commonly were about 1/3, in the starting of September the initial national group following the League broke Barcelona home court losing to Alves the fantastic, but the war could be the beginning on the season the accident, the rest in the important league upset power is lacking, the week winning lottery, lottery 9 note Saturday, 1 million 677 thousand, Sunday color two note, three million 198 thousand.

By October, the European group to play 6 days in two rounds of qualifying, Asia, South America is two matches but FIFA, virus has no scale, in the schedule less visible, most just draw, as well as are like 3 West ultra that demolition with the week award winning color on Saturday, 379 thousand on Sunday, 45 note colour. 9 note color, 973 thousand, will not be high level off.ten months on the game, mainly because many star back late, many teams within the weekend are sent on far more rotation lineup, resulting inside a smaller raise within the cold, and the subsequent week in the Champions League, teams will have to end array take victory, depth and influence of visible lineup.

This weekend, a huge expectation could be the lineups should really not as of October that round like rotation a lot more frequent, following all, most of the European group for a qualifier, arrange a friendly part of national team this week, will also test the edge international, of course to the South American foot for the key the group will nevertheless be affected by the effect of your star as described beneath fatigued by a long journey, Liverpool is definitely an instance. From September and October two weekend results is usually located, irrespective of whether the thickness and depth in the FIFA virus team attack is proportional, adjusting the state of excellent teams like West ultra robust, even though nevertheless filled with victory in the October race week, but relatively weak group Bundesliga powers, nearly all inside the game on October and on September upset victory inside the battle, but additionally the lack in the Bundesliga team figure. It could be stated, as the complete team The capability of body lineup thickness and also the bench to figure out the nature of this weekend’s popular events, could be a reference.
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In the blizzard Carnival: World of Warcraft due to the replacement of nostalgia in to the whirlpool

Blizzard’s game Carnival as an annual event in the winter, around the eve with the carnival, fixed to release new content material, burst Mengliao, exhibition of fine arts painting, opened behind the line of history, part play, play sports tournament, send virtual gifts with all the surrounding fortunate bag.
In the starting of 2005 the very first game, Blizzard announced the new content and participants, even lots of instances, fans meeting in Anaheim, it has virtually grow to be a tradition, to this year’s tenth carnival, its six major official calendar is packed in significant numbers.
Blizzard is now the six important, in comparison to the first carnival only Globe of Warcraft and StarCraft 2> “failed to show up, now is often mentioned to be really luxurious, including large-scale role-playing, real-time method, tactical confrontation, the initial particular person shooter and card game.
In the official schedule using the current situation, it is actually not complicated to guess, concerning the carnival, which “hearthstone legend card > is bound to have a new and extended message, < > watch pioneer new hero puzzle time is as well lengthy, ought to also be officially unveiled, < > and < > storm hero is StarCraft the primary portion is the future outlook and new content,” Diablo “is a celebration of twenty years, Globe of Warcraft concentrate on the following content material version.
The six go getters is the youngest pioneer watch < >, as time to industry about half of it, you will find loads of new content might be extended, a lot of new heroes can launch quite a few tactics to conceive, a lot of tips can go to practice, despite the fact that the FPS form determines the fundamental direction, but nonetheless incredibly fascinating. Probably the most mature is Planet of Warcraft, as a representative of a large MMORPG, it has gone by way of ten years, the updated version of seven. And all of the factors, have absolute peak, there are actually some snake winding twists and turns, the new game player became old man, as soon as the brothers come and go. Which does not make complicated words. But the twists and turns of Carnival this time is different, there’s also a massive rumor broke the news, namely nostalgia clothes to rekindle the fire of Nostalrius petition.
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