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Spend the teaching
Just enter the first game map is not new village, teaching, lets the player touch Gunpa, skilled in the operation of basic. You can first in their initial weapons, of vocational skills to understand and choose their first skills. After the experience of fighting, take a look at the story, touch the box. So easily near misses completed the teaching, officially entered the new villageSkill collocationIs that kind of freedom in the nine vocational skills into the new village, the figure will rise to 3, with 2 skill points. Then complete the prophet of the task, and

will send a skill points, a total of three points, at 3 and 6 kinds of weapons of the initial skills mix. Add game with its own “soul trap spell, the initial four combinations of skills, can be considered a wide variety, can play a lot of tricks. Together with the severity of the attack, parry, block interrupted, tumbling, stealth, jumping and other basic movements, let a person from a start enjoy fighting fun, there is no general online games at the beginning of the infinite flat cut, and then a skill without brain has been in question.

Add a little
At each level, the characters have 1 point attributes, which can be freely allocated to the magic, life, physical three inside, increase the corresponding mana, life value, physical valueNeed to explain, the allocation attribute points to the “magic” and “physical” will increase the skill damage. Measured increase 1 point “magic”, use Mana skills increased 1 point of damage. Energy value of the skills are not measured, but speculation effect should be the same. But of points assigned to the life, will only increase the value of life, there is no other additionBecause the three properties are important, in I is advocating balance plus points of the genre, please students from other schools do not face slapping, please you ye

ignore me
Equipment manufacturingAnd by this time, everyone should consider their own equipment problem, not a prison clothes. First of all, it is in the light of the heavy armor on the choice. Basic, law choice light armour, physical output selection in a, damage reduction choose heavy armor, of course, you to shape the visual effect of giving priority to, ignoring the armor skills is also possible.Then we each only from inside the hell was released, impoverished, how to get their first set of equipment?? this time to need to use the new added to the production of a variety of skills! ESO skills in a variety of production is simply conscience conscience ah, zero threshold, entry is simple, without any pre preparation — money
is not easy, please enjoy the use of production skills to produce the first set of equipment for their own!Also can collect a variety of herbs of potion making, set specific similar to the old roll 5 gold, four kinds of effects of each kind of material can eat the first effect There is a variety of ingredients, cooking is currently the only need to produce drawings of the exception system, so there is no time, do not pick up too many
ingredients in the body, accounting for the grid ah!So here you have the equipment, skills, do not go to Tamriel row. In the “entry experience” also reported a paragraph

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