A Star Wars Ban on Killer Robots


Though the films don’t show what follows, Star Wars reference supplies suggest that the battle droids had been mostly deactivated following the supposed victory more than the Separatists. That victory sets the stage for Palpatine to declare himself emperor and transform the Old Republic into the Galactic Empire. This officially ushers in the “space Nazi” era for the Star Wars films that continue with the original trilogy plus the sequel trilogy being made by Diseny.

The Star Wars films usually do not supply any clear explanation about why Palpatine as well as the Galactic Empire pick not to deploy killer robot armies. But some background reference supplies indicate that the Galactic Empire in fact outlawed the production of battle droids and military robots made for combat.

The reasoning for the Empire’s killer robot ban should stay inside the realm of speculation without the need of clearer clues in the official Star Wars canon. Nevertheless it appears unlikely that the Empire decided to ban killer robots because it felt that such robots had been militarily useless. Just after all, the Separatist battle droids managed to buy SWTOR Credits carry out relatively nicely in battle for essentially the most aspect and did not seem to exhibit any critical rebellious behavior or malfunctions.

In addition, the Empire appears fine with employing some killer robots in supporting roles to supplement its ranks of human stormtroopers and starship crew members. The second film in the original trilogy, “The Empire Strikes Back,” starts with an Imperial probe droid landing around the snowy planet Hoth. This probe droid shows clear lethal intent when it opens fire with a blaster cannon on Han Solo and Chewbacca following the duo discover the cheap SWTOR Credits droid scouting about a Rebel Alliance base.

Additional evidence for the Empire’s use of killer robots comes in the Disney-produced standalone film “Rogue One particular: A Star Wars Story.” The stormtroopers in that film are from time to time accompanied by KX-series safety droids which might be described inside a reference book as becoming “programmed with out the normal restriction against harming organic sentient lifeforms.” These droids have a license to kill, as opposed to most of their hard-working brethren within the Star Wars galaxy.