An analysis of the mechanism of dot damage in final fantasy 14


This article is just to enter the world of MT Meng new tanks were written, to lay a good foundation for healthy growth.Equipment is very important in the game, if you have more FFXIV Gil farming will make yourself more powerful

1, hate list
Hate hate hate hate hate hate is hate list displays the current target monster the team members of Dongdong, its location in the squad list each class icon below the lateral of a small, hatred more big, small strips of white on the full, with the highest threat, the team members all full, and in front of labeled “warhead” two words. Need to pay attention to is that each strange list are not the same, with a wave of monster, may you in this strange list in fuze warhead position, and on the other a strange list is ranked in 2 or 3. So often the handoff target and always pay attention to the list is a good habit.
2.Open strange
Open strange before it is best to call on mark, general to make a mark 1. Mark principle is: remote blame special or AoE skill strange cyhalothrin blood thin strange General small strange. This is generally small strange clean order. 1 dead labeled can give other strange mark 1, indicating DPS kill order principle as above.
Preferred skills to open strange axes. The axe to open strange has three, one is the axe has a good hate bonus, in the 2-3 public CD time, axe hatred can ensure that DPS is not ot, it is t to set aside poly strange time, for the next step the group stayed ready. Two is the axe is a remote skill, it can make t better in the open and strange place, avoid monsters must stand in hatred and hard to walk. The three is awkward axe is a single damage, even if there is no mark, caused by the axe monster blood difference will make DPS from a group of monsters quickly identify your target to start output. And the other way to open strange, for example, into the strange flash, overpressure axe type, single skill bonus as the axe to hate ot, not good to small strange, there is no clear indication of DPS priority target. Of course, if you encounter a sudden Hair situation, such as the corner of a sudden and a wave of strange hit the face, it will not fly ax, save a public CD time, immediately super pressure axe or Flash group pull.
3 stations
Stations in the basic principle is to guarantee the monster back to the crowd, because many monsters have a positive AoE damage, back to the crowd eliminates the trouble others hide skills. The second is the monster on the back of the crowd, you just face in the crowd, for other people is easy to grasp, such as OT or add quickly found. Some of the blame on the back also AoE damage, such a situation, keep monster 90 degree side to the crowd.
Group pull mobs stance, if there is a remote blame open strange remote target, then went to the remote strange side groups. If there are multiple remote blame, right around the corner from looking around the big stone or a class to block the sight obstructions, open strange after stood behind and remote blame restricted perspective, in order to attack you will automatically gathered around you, after a good pull.
Boss battle stations, generally in situ pull can be properly away from boss room entrance, keep the boss room most in your point of view. Have a little strange refresh, the boss pulled refresh near, that strange refresh directly a flash or overpressure axe in. Repulsed skills, the boss pulled the edge of the room, he leaned back against the wall, offset hit fly effect. Named the release of ground AOE, boss pulled the very edge of the room, give other people to set aside more shelter space.
Were skilled, marking, open strange and positioning can be completed on time in the running, it will save time.
4, the group pull small strange technique
DPS serious crack or hatred hatred hatred for the first mark 1, axe strange, then proper take place (in the fast strange together shall prevail), and then to gather good strange put flash or overpressure axes (you in the group of strange placed in the center of the flash, in the group of strange side overpressure axe), flash or overpressure axe release times group of strange number – 1. Finally, from the labeled 1 strange began to put 3 even, press tab to switch targets, triple, and the rest is circular cutting goals and 3 even murderous buff. If there is a non labeled 1 mobs off blood, not according to the mark, then can be labeled 1 hate losing the last little wind axes in this little monster, or kick mark 1 hatred triple directly select the small strange hatred triple.
This play is basically not ot, and consumption is very small (as far as possible compression super pressure axe number), kick it can directly open the boss or the next wave of mobs, and the output efficiency. And a good, when Mark 1 blame died, even if you do not mark the other strange, DPS scattered fighting will not cause the decline of OT and output efficiency. The disadvantage is that the fault rate low, because of the need to maximize the output, so basically is stepping on the mark 1 and the hatred of three consecutive mobs ot line in go, circulation, it is easy to chaos ot, so the need for skilled and flexible control.
Another is no brain overpressure axe or a flash of light, and the steady pull Recut target hate and triple loop. This method applicable to suddenly received blame, or add or boss fixed refresh a wave of small strange, the advantages of this play is no brain, for sudden confusion. The disadvantage is that the decline in the efficiency of output, consumption. When you are skilled, you can probably aware of several overpressure axe or flash to stabilize the situation, and the consumption is reduced to a minimum.
5, boss technique
At this stage boss hatred is 3, keep the buff stable after splitting ferocious hatred, focus on training stations, hiding skills, interruption and damage reduction, open strange before opening a mitigation, to prevent the nurse in the open strange due to take place or the rhythm of milk is not up, the pre war mainly focus boss in spite of the establishment, in the late attention on boss skills, interruption and damage reduction. The general boss bulky, can enter the boss model at the red circle point, to avoid the AOE, use the mouse running method according to a double bond together and facilitate a little faster than to press the keyboard remember to escape skills. Back in situ. Output some melee DPS occupation needs behind boss, try to leave behind boss safety margin.
6, sharing skills
Soldiers shared skill selection bias hatred and damage reduction, so at this stage, Knight of the flash, provocation and convalescence is the best of the three skills. Flash can be relieve overpressure axe on the technical force of consumption, and poly strange location is not ideal a group to pull the purpose of. Provocative can quickly improve your in ot blame hate list position, and in the future for t fight play important role and need to master. Convalesce as reducing injury technology, more than a always good of.
7, reduce injury chain
Damage reduction chain refers to the reasonable respectively to avoid damage in combat use of mitigation skills. To know the fall in battle damage reduction skills all use is a very wasteful behavior, through the understanding and grouping of mitigation using different mitigation in order to maximize damage reduction effects and a longer battle at different times. For example, violent and bloodthirsty these two skills in a group, together with the overpressure axe had good effect on the sudden emergence of a large number of small strange, can return to the blood treatment to reduce stress, but also can enhance the accumulation of foresight and hatred with a convalescent group. Boss high damage skills before use, which can reduce the boss damage, fast and convenient carry blood boss skills after the nurse. In addition, the ancestors of the soul is the 35 you will learn the skills, the skills of CD short, as long as there are five layers of state can be angry To open, and the anger on the fifth floor crit effect for ancestral spirit damage reduction is apparently dispensable, so often use this skill is a good habit.
Ot when do not panic, one is strange has been disabled without blood, this is, DPS two seconds off, the other one is there are a lot of blood, this time need to fly two combo shield provocation provocation, is the role of your hatred to the highest level and 1 people hate so, it is easy to use single provocation ot people ot back again, plus the axe can keep the first time after the level of hatred, hatred three convenient. There is also a little strange ot, we must first time to go to the nurse side (not a monster), to small strange mom of milk group. Remember, keep the nurse is the most reliable way to save their lives, the most reliable way is to keep most people’s life.
9 keys
The things to see the personal habits, and I said what I cast a brick to attract jade, Q and e respectively is labeled 1 and axe, so convenient running time to tag and blame and 4 is the overpressure axe, axe after forefinger stretched easily took group pull, 123 just hate losing, reducing injury skills on the zxcfr key, the use is convenient and fast. Keys are not immutable, according to skills and a copy of the different commonly used skills and key skills change, at any time to adjust their own keys.
Into the remember to check the guard state is in the head and feel hatred, instability, when remember check daemon status is still. 35 after the nurse of white magic with regenerative and open before the strange remember head regeneration buff point out that prevent a open strange, monster see nurse. In before the Raiders of the text again, look at the copy is what pattern and boss skills, combined with their own professional corresponding brain mend battle scenes, so for the first time in the not rush and saw a strange skills will be prepared and improve the response speed.

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