Benchmark Tool has been updated in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward


Square Enix appear today a new accumulation of artwork of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn‘s amplification Heavensward.

We get to see the new claimed aeroplane mounts, Nidhogg, Midgardsormr’s sons and new weapons which players can buy safe FFXIV gil to purchase from the NPCs, and they all attending absolutely awesome.

Interestingly, one of the artwork pieces shows something acutely absorbing story-wise. You could accede it a aggravate or even a spoiler. One affair is for sure: it’s actual intriguing.

Like Square Enix has done for the aboriginal absolution of Final Fantasy XIV, a criterion account is now out so that you can analysis your PC’s animation adjoin the graphical improvements they’ve fabricated to accomplish abiding that you can run it bland as silk.

Under the awning they’ve fabricated the move to Direct X 11 which agency bigger tessellation, college superior HBAO accomplishing and bigger reflections. They’ve aswell fabricated use of technologies accessible through NVIDIA’s GameWorks, so NVIDIA cards will accept a achievement advantage.

With a Xeon 1230V3 at 3.3GHz and a 290X arena at 1440P at the best settings I can administer to accomplish a account of 6287 with an boilerplate framerate of 48.369. Not necessarily horrible, but not too bare either. Again, I’m still afraid with how acceptable Final Fantasy XIV has age-old in the cartoon department. It looks like Square Enix has managed to accomplish the a lot of out of what they had through buying FFXIV gil online.

You can download the criterion anon from Square Enix appropriate here. Feel chargeless to accord it a circle and let us apperceive what affectionate of after-effects you get from it. Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward launches on June 23rd and opens up aboriginal on June 19th for those that pre-ordered it.