BioWare’ Anthem: Dev Talks About Lead Writers, Hearing Disability and Colour Blindness In-Game Solutions


1 of BioWare’s most accomplished writers, Drew Karpashyn, not too long ago left the studio, and seeing as he was a major part of your teams that wrote a number of BioWare’s best games (in actual fact, he was also the lead writer on Mass Effect 2), individuals have obviously been a little bit worried about what this implies for Anthem. Studio boss Casey Hudson did move to buy SWTOR credits discuss this last week and give reassurances, and now BioWare’s Brennon Holmes has done just a little bit of that at the same time.

On a Reddit thread around the Anthem sub-Reddit, a fan spoke about how whilst Hudson had reaffirmed that Karpashyn had finished all his work on Anthem ahead of leaving the studio, he under no circumstances really pointed out who the project’s lead writers were. In response to this comment, Holmes promptly described that Cathleen Rootsaert (Mass Effect series, Star Wars: The Old Republic) and Jay Turner (Mass Effect series, Dragon Age: Origins) are serving as the lead writers for Anthem.

Meanwhile, in a separate thread on Reddit, Holmes also spoke about functions in Anthem which can be meant to help players with hearing or seeing disabilities. Though the thread itself spoke about what Anthem can consist of as attributes to help players with hearing disabilities, Holmes spoke a little about comparable characteristics for colourblind players. “We have the colorblind stuff up and running ideal now,” he said. “I believe the selections are for: Protanopia, Deuteranopia and Tritanopia.”

Another user described the how Bungie handles colour puzzles, commenting that they’d rather have extra visual cues inside the game that just colours, to which Holmes mentioned, “Yeah, I cannot guarantee we will not have any SWTOR credits… but it’s some thing we’re maintaining an eye on. We don’t need to have mechanics which might be purely visual or aural (especially if the visual aspects are tied strongly to colour).”

Anthem is due out for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2019, following it was pushed back earlier within the year for its initial 2018 release. Remain tuned to GamingBolt for extra coverage.