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Star Citizens Bounty Hunter Strategy: Don’t forget First Aid Equipment with Ship

What is the most important tool for Hunter Arsenal? Information! This article will provide the latest bounty hunter guild news, science, technology and skills. First, announced the price list. Bounty hunter guild has already announced that “slavery and human trafficking prevention month”, so we will continue to be for such brutality reward. I don’t know how you think, but for me, this work is valuable, part of the reason is that we can this way to deal with scum. Slave trader may not be of the highest income of Star Citizen credits, but trust me, they are worth. The first year of the job, I come into contact with a young man; fortunately, I saved him from travel the asterisk.

Morde Bali is in reward for the top. Maud nickname is “broken”. If he found someone alone in a bar drinking, he would tell them, are celebrating her birthday, he will entertain a cup of wine, let a person to accompany him a drink. When these poor bastards wine woke up, they have been locked up. Last time he appeared near the Tram. Next is Robbie’s Christensen. His mining company is bankrupt for a month, but some people say that all the workers were forced to work. He has disappeared; he has no family, no contact. The last time he appeared in LPG stations of Odin. The last one is Sadha Kunsaya. Remind everyone, her nickname is “escape”, in order to escape, she people into the space in the cabin at the vendor. Using this trick, she has escaped many times. But, unlike other groups, in the process of chasing, if we encounter similar case, we actually have no obligation to save the people her left; you are going to have to make the right choice.

Remember, be sure to consult the local council or the public security organ’s price list, chase before the wanted man, you must review the reward amount, because it may be reset. Against slavery and human trafficking is not other people’s problems, it is the responsibility of every one.

In addition, if you want to go to there may be a dangerous area; you should consider carrying portable medical treatment equipment. Appropriate application of mobile trauma system can reduce the wound bleeding; let you enough to evacuate threat area. In fact, the bad guys, if you can’t kill shot you treat the wound is also of no help. If you can’t do that, be careful, pay more attention to behind!