CW, EA Team on Madden NFL 18 eSports Survivor – Style Particular for TV


Even though eSports fans are a sizable – and increasing – rabidly engaged bunch, the genre hasn’t seriously crossed the divide into mainstream entertainment.

The CW believes eSports has appeal outside the hard-core base, and its latest bet is “EA Madden(Madden coins) NFL 18 Challenge,” a one-hour primetime special produced by Electronic Arts which will air Dec. 27 around the network.

The specific will chronicle the eight players competing within this month’s Madden NFL competition in L.A., promising a behind-the-scenes examine the popular title’s prime stars. EA along with the CW say it really is being developed like reality TV show, a la “Survivor,” as opposed to the play-by-play action of live tournament play normally found on Twitch.

“Television is usually a incredibly distinctive audience and medium than our digital channels,” mentioned Todd Sitrin, SVP and GM of the competitive gaming division at EA. “In the past we’ve normally presented eSports a regular sporting occasion, but on TV we seriously require to move toward an entertainment concentrate – to highlight the players, who’re the true stars.”

The eight competitors within the Madden NFL 18 Challenge (or, much more precisely, their gamer handles) are: JoelCP, Spoto, Prodigy, Mattstergamer, Group B, Hollywood, Young Kiv, Drini and Dubby. Of course, the CW’s broadcast also is intended to promote Madden NFL 18(Madden 18 Coins), the newest title in the best-selling game franchise, which is offered for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The 2018 Madden Challenge – in which the octet of competitors will vie for a share on the $150,000 prize pool – will truly run Dec. 18-22, live-streamed across digital platforms, concluding ahead on the CW’s broadcast. Since producers know who the eventual winner is,”we can tailor the show for the outcome,” Sitrin noted.

The CW will air the unique on Wednesday, Dec. 27, at 8 p.m. ET/PT and 7 p.m. CT/MT.

Shooting for the special will occur this weekend, Dec. 15-16. Live coverage from the Madden NFL 18 Challenge tournament might be distributed on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Mixer from Dec. 18-22. The CW’s TV specific will feature some content from the tournament play, nevertheless it mostly will concentrate around the narratives with the players.

Following the Dec. 27 broadcast, the hour-long “EA Madden NFL 18 Challenge” unique will probably be obtainable the watch on-demand on for three months.