DDoS Attacks Target A number of Games like Final Fantasy XIV


A set of DDoS attacks plagued a series of gaming publishers like Final Fantasy XIV’s creator Square Enix and Ubisoft, respectively. In case you are Final Fantasy XIV fans, hurry up to buy FFXIV Gil and play the game now!

Ubisoft began experiencing connectivity concerns around Oct. 4 when the officials 1st tweeted an alert to users informing them of problems and actual attacks began surfacing around 7:48 am CT on Oct. 5, 2018 and impacted Ubisoft games like Rainbow Six Siege and For Honor.

“??We’re at the moment experiencing a series of DDoS attacks, which unfortunately are a frequent occurrence for pretty much all online service providers,” Ubisoft posted on an official forum addressing the incident. “This could effect connections to our games at the same time as server latency, and we’re taking actions to mitigate this concern.”

Later that day Square Enix announced that it was also fighting off an attack aimed towards its well-liked MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV although it is unclear in the event the attacks are connected or not.

In response towards the high-profile incident, Corero Network Security’s Director of Solution Management Sean Newman said it was “somewhat bemusing why some providers of online gaming platforms appear to nevertheless accept a specific air of inevitability in regards to suffering because the result of DDoS attacks,” Newman stated.

“With solutions accessible which can shield against DDoS automatically, and in real-time, help is at hand to maintain games on the web, steer clear of lag, and ensure that player confidence and bottom lines, are preserved,” he continued.

Overall, a lot of gamers noted that 2018 has been a reasonably peaceful year for the cheap FFXIV Gil on the internet gaming community compared to prior years that had been plauged by rampant DDoS attacks carried out by the Lizard Squad and other threat actors.