Elder Scrolls Online Fang Lair Dungeon Explored in New Blog Post


The Elder Scrolls Online internet site has been updated having a new preview of your Fang Lair, among the two new dungeons coming with all the Dragon Bones DLC in February. In line with Dungeon Lead Mike Finnigan, this can be a place that people have not observed because the Elder Scrolls: Arena, nevertheless it will be presented inside a distinct light this time around. There might be a great deal of lore supplied to provide players a far better perspective too.

When designing the dungeon’s quite a few challenges, the goal was to create the type of difficulty curve that players have come to expect from our dungeon DLC game packs.

“With Dragon Bones, we’re aiming for a level of difficulty comparable for the dungeons found in Horns on the Attain,” says Finnigan. “It’s challenging, and there’s plenty of stuff to handle and study, but you will get via it without the need of feeling frustrated.”

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Also, you could possibly desire to check out some current datamined material that seems to become an expansion that is in the works. We will not say something here so as not to give out any spoilers. But if you’d like to see what is what, head to this Reddit link to verify it out.