Elder Scrolls Online Player Hoards 40k Lockpicks, Rewarded With Signed Poster


Are you currently an obsessive item collector in video games? Effectively maybe you’ll start out following currently. One player in Elder Scrolls Online posted his inventory which featured 40,000 lockpicks. As a reward for his dedication, Zenimax sent him an autographed poster of a lockpick, and it appears incredible.

As one particular redditor points out, 40,000 lockpicks is way far more than any player wants but it’s also the max inventory quantity for lockpicks. You see, in Elder Scrolls Online 200 lockpicks stack at any time, and you can find 200 inventory slots offered. So 200 multiplied by 200 is 40k hence the will need to reward this one particular player for his lockpick collecting game.

No word however on how numerous safes the player plans on breaking into with their 40k lockpicks, or if they are just content material to hold onto the understanding that they are able to rob you if they wanted at any moment.

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