ESO Summerset preview: An ESO newbie in Queen Ayrenn’s court


The pristine island of Summerset has opened for the world at final in ESO’s most up-to-date expansion, and despite the High Elf attitudes, it really is really welcoming to newcomers.

With all the Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming expansion, Summerset, the High Elves are finally sharing by opening up the titular island for the general public. Refugees looking to make a much better life for themselves, tourists, or wayward adventurers tossed there with magic mind tricks: all are welcome for the formerly-cloistered paradise.

Effectively, perhaps “welcome” is pushing it a little. At the very least from a lore viewpoint.

The Elder Scrolls Online’s Summerset expansion is bigger than any prior one particular, like Morrowind. In my last week or so of previewing the expansion in its closed beta, I’ve barely scratched the surface of it. A few of which will be attributed to its sheer size, however it doesn’t support that I am totally new to ESO despite becoming a common fan of MMORPGs.

Summerset is definitely welcoming to new players, including a brief tutorial ideal inside the zone itself that drops you quickly into the expansion with each of the veterans sporting ridiculous armor and mounts from what ever they were undertaking around the mainland.

I am! Bethesda has mercifully figured out the entire level-scaling point. We can all do the exact same quest content material collectively devoid of worrying about levels. Heck, we are able to party up with other individuals at max level and share an enjoyable expertise. It’s an awesome function to have in any MMO, but for a new expansion, it is specially powerful in enabling new players to join the entertaining without the need of producing them really feel there are actually years of content material to obtain by means of to play the “real” game.

So we’re all here on Summerset together at when, basking within the spring blossoms and crumbling pillars that I assume are old elf-ruins of some sort. Summerset, just like the small I’ve played on the principal ESO campaign, abandons the clustered together quest structure of other MMOs that take you blithely from town to town irrespective of whether you stick to the story or not.

Every thing is, for essentially the most aspect, open all at when. It is possible to trot down the road and choose up a quest from a drunken elf at a crossing, wander into town and do a thing like a million crafting quests (like the new jewelcrafting skill), or wander off and obtain some major scary things to kill in the creepy ocean portal down by the beach. There is a story, and you may get to it precisely once you imply to. There are handful of breadcrumbs, fewer “one-off” quests, and pretty much no guidelines as to how you tackle the content material.