FIFA 18: Fans want EA Sports to ban a stadium from their next FIFA game


FIFA 18 is only some months away from release and EA Sports has been taking feedback from fans to make sure that their next game is polished just before release. A not too long ago released Reddit report suggests that fans want EA Sports to remove a stadium from their upcoming game.

San Siro would be the legendary Italian stadium that houses two sporting giants – AC Milan and Inter Milan. Nonetheless, in spite of the stadium’s awesome history, fans want the stadium to be banned from FIFA 18(Fifa 18 coins buy). EA Sports includes a history of listening to fan feedback to try to find bugs and ideas, enabling them to release a well-developed game.

According to Reddit, many FIFA fans have complained that San Siro stadium, resulting from negative camera angles, seems pretty disorienting. Players said that the camera was all more than the place and generally zoomed in and out randomly. Numerous fans found it actually hard to play with their favourite teams as the camera angles make it tough for them to play the game. Though the weird camera movements in San Siro might appear harmless, the randomness typically triggers a stroboscopic effect which is definitely harmful and can make players sick. “The camera was all over the place it was zooming in and out going left to correct continually, had to quit out the game as I felt sick,” 1 fan talked about within the feedback. Additionally, exposure to such a ‘strobe effect’ can even cause stroke or epilepsy, each of that are life-threatening.

FIFA 18 is set to release on September 29th and this gives EA Sports fairly a lot of time for you to function on creating a well-polished game. Although EA Sports usually listens to fan feedback ahead of launching a game, fans feel like this can be an issue EA may not fix. Turns out the glitch in the stadium has been a problem for any couple of years and, EA Sports has been ignoring the challenge regardless of each of the complaints. “its been like that for many years. Just try and stay away from this stadium…I don’t consider they may be changing it,” mentioned an additional fan.

EA Sports features a habit of not revealing too much info prior to the launch of their game. Nonetheless, even though this might look like a easy situation, playing in the stadium is quite disorienting. The truth that they’ve not fixed this before regardless of each of the complaints could mean that they might not fix the challenge in FIFA 18 either. Having said that, provided that EA Sports plans on entering the eSports arena with all the launch of FIFA 18, there is a great possibility that they may possibly repair it to make sure that the competitive environment remains undisturbed. Till then players can decide to get FUT 18 Coins switch off Co-op view, as this appears to become the game setting that triggers the glitch.