“Final Fantasy 14: Lotus liberator video demo new occupation function


SE yesterday announced a “Final Fantasy 14: Lotus liberator’s initial new occupation >, the mentor Red Mage, demonstrates the actual overall performance from the occupation inside the game.
The tutor will reach level 50 inside the game player does not require to automatically unlock, pre occupation, this is a magic DPS mixed occupation, remote magic even close connection, fast output.
The tutor weapon is stab sword and magic crystal device, might be combined into Apple pen in quick, looks quite cool.
In addition to the announcement of your video also introduced a new version in the swimming and diving, even though not in the battle within the water, but Naoki Yoshida stated the water content is going to be very rich, game player will uncover magical underwater animal Ananta habitat.
All water bodies might be open swimming and diving, players can land, water, underwater seamless conversion between the summer bikini can finally are available in handy.
“Final Fantasy 14: Lotus liberator > will probably be landing Pc and PS4 in June 20th, because the update a lot more content, this can no longer help PS3, all PS3 game player can cost-free upgrade to version PS4

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