Final Fantasy XIV Director Addresses In-Game Housing Problems


For many Final Fantasy XIV players, a single with the numerous highlights of the recent update was the addition of a brand new housing region within the new Shirogane district. On the other hand, the opportunity to have a plot of land is extended gone because the location is already complete. The game’s director, Naoki Yoshida, took for the forums to address the circumstance and promised a lot more space for further housing in all regions by the next big update.

Moreover for the guarantee of extra housing space, Yoshida wrote that the relocation method, which allowed players to move their housing space from an old area to Shirogane, didn’t operate as intended, which additional difficult the ongoing housing problem within the game. For the reason that the new plots of land had been right away available soon after the upkeep period ended, a large number of players rushed to sign in towards the game only to find that they had been component of a long queue of players who were carrying out precisely the same factor. By the time they truly entered the virtual space, the likelihood to obtain a residence was long gone.

Grabbing your own personal piece of virtual real estate in Final Fantasy XIV is less complicated mentioned than done. To start, every single region is broken up into 12 major wards, and each one consists of 60 plots of land. With four key housing places available, you will find only 2,880 plots of land for every server. No cost Businesses, a.k.a. guilds, can acquire Final Fantasy XIV Gil a plot to house a number of players, but these locations also permit for person people today to get their own piece of actual estate. There’s also the issue that some servers are much more common than others, which means that the probabilities of finding your own home are most undoubtedly subsequent to none.

Prior to you get a house, you or your Free of charge Business need to have to meet a set of criteria for example finishing a certain mission, attaining the rank of second lieutenant in one of the game’s Grand Corporations, and acquire millions of gil to pay for the space (price varies based around the size from the house). However, these prerequisites are straightforward to acquire in case you join a huge No cost Corporation or played the game for any considerable quantity of time. read more

The range of difficulties that start off from limited space to login queues is evident that one thing desires to modify so as to minimize the mayhem that occurs when a new housing area opens up. When it comes to adding extra space, Yoshida mentioned that the group “received considerable feedback as to how they ought to be added, and we’ll be making an announcement outlining the number of new wards and how they will be sold right after reviewing mentioned feedback. To stop speculation, we will refrain from releasing details until completely important.” It is a step within the proper path but the harm is currently completed, and unless you happen to be 1 on the fortunate few to obtain a brand new property because of update 4.1 along with the upcoming update 4.2, you may must wait for the subsequent main expansion to have any likelihood at a virtual residence.