Final Fantasy XIV Director Explains How Monster Hunter Crossover Differs From Other Battles


Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida explained to IGN how The Excellent Hunt, the Rathalos trial within the Monster Hunter: Planet x Final Fantasy XIV On the internet crossover, is various from other battles.

“During battle in Final Fantasy XIV, a tank generates and sustains enmity, taking the brunt of enemy attacks, though DPS members deal harm and healers hold the tanks and DPS alive: a very clear role-based technique,” Yoshida stated within a statement to IGN.

“However, in Monster Hunter: Globe – actually the complete Monster Hunter series – you have to pay continual attention to your opponent’s attack pattern and how the target is moving. You let the enemy attack initially to buy FFXIV Gil find out where it might be vulnerable. Kind of hard to put into words, but it’s a procedure of studying by undertaking,” he said.

Yoshida then went into the value of getting the vulnerability of the opponent.

“During battle in FFXIV, you generally engage your opponents head on,” Yoshida mentioned. “Yet, the idea of Monster Hunter revolves around the fact that mankind may be the overwhelmingly weaker species. When wanting to defeat a formidable foe like a wyvern, you have to use the opponent’s attack for your benefit, and by that I imply produce a moment in which you may exploit a vulnerability. That’s the only way you could go head-to-head with such an opponent.”

“We attempted to recreate that in Final Fantasy XIV using the Rathalos battle. You cannot just charge in and start out beating on Rathalos because the tank to obtain enmity; this is not that kind of fight,” Yoshida explained. “Just like in Monster Hunter, you’ll need to spend close interest to Rathalos’ movement, watch for the patterns since it unleashes every single attack, and after that hit it when it is vulnerable. That is definitely probably the most basic aspect to succeeding within this fight.”

Two versions from the trial are obtainable: a normal version and an extreme version. Within the normal version, the battle consists of a full celebration of eight players, but that number gets cut down inside the intense version to a light party of four.

“In the intense version in the fight, your party is cut down from eight to only four,” Yoshida mentioned. “This makes it much more essential for each and every party member to be reactive and swift in their actions; otherwise the group will endure a fast defeat.

“I encourage those attempting The Wonderful Hunt (Extreme) to not jump in blindly. Be thorough in observing how Rathalos moves prior to it attacks. That’s the key to acquiring cheap FFXIV Gil its weak points!”

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