Final Fantasy XIV Little Ladies’ Day Seasonal Event Returns Mar.1st


The Little Ladies’ Day seasonal occasion returns to Final Fantasy XIV Mar.1st, bringing idol charm and shenanigans galore.

The two-week celebration ends Weds., Mar. 14 at 9:59 a.m. EST. All that is necessary to participate is often a single character having a class at level 15, meaning even newer players or these around the no cost trial can take pleasure in the Songbirds’ return.

“The Songbirds have returned after extra to grace the stages of Ul’dah. This year’s overall performance is mentioned to be as opposed to any other, and a reporter in the Mythril Eye is inquiring following these who would partake inside the revelry,” states the quest description on the Lodestone.

The quest giver, an NPC named Mythril Eye Reporter, is usually found just outside the Ul’dah aetheryte plaza in the coordinates.

Event rewards contain the following emotes: Cheer Jump (pink lightstick), Cheer Wave (yellow lightstick) and Cheer On (blue lightstick). You could buy Cheap FFXIV Gil choose your preferred Songbird’s colors and cheer her on to your hearts delight! Masha’s image color is blue, Narumi is yellow and Ulala is red, in case you could not inform from the header image.

Two seasonal products are also offered: a Far Eastern Doll Show primarily based off of Hinamatsuri holiday displays and also the Siren Song Orchestrion roll.

Previous seasonal products might be obtained by way of the Seasonal Shop, but bear in mind that quests for this event cannot be completed after the event ends. The quest reward Certificate of Collaboration might be exchanged for unique occasion things by speaking using the royal servant after the event has began.

Though the new emotes’ use of colored sticks might evoke raves towards the Western eye, a handful of type souls on Reddit shared facts about how the lightsticks (not glowsticks) hyperlink to idol concert culture.

“They’re not glowsticks, a lot as ‘light sticks’, tiny flashlights topped using a coloured plastic tube. They’re normally either sold within the image colours in the idols performing, or have buttons on them that transform the colour in the LED inside,” explained user asoftsheep.

“Concerts for idols in Asia are diverse than Western concerts, crowd assistance comes in participation as opposed to who can make it roar essentially the most. Screaming though the song goes on isn’t accepted at all, except for if you are performing a call-back, for instance repeating the words back in a a part of the song that echos. Essentially the most widespread issue you will see, although, is these! In the colour of Final Fantasy XIV Gil your girl you support, you wave your sticks for the beat on the music, creating an ocean of colour and light.”