Final Fantasy XIV Previews Pokemon Go-Style App for April Fool’s


Square Enix’s April Fool’s joke for Final Fantasy XIV lets players get out from behind their TVs and monitors and farm sources out in the genuine world with Final Fantasy XIV Online GO.

Despite just how much some Final Fantasy XIV players could wish it were true, Square Enix is not actually adding a Pokemon Go crossover app, so you will must stick towards the indoors when gathering your fish and also other resources. Square Enix says that the Final Fantasy XIV Online GO app would permit players to gather(cheap FFXIV Gil) resources in the true world by traveling to particular locations marked by the app where trees, rocks, as well as other objects is usually beaten down.

Whether or not it appears like a intelligent concept to maintain players connected for the game constantly or an easy way to smash your telephone against a tree, Square Enix deserves props for going all out with the production of this prank. A web page was produced entirely for the joke together with the app’s trailer, a description in the app, and a few screenshots that show what it would appear like on a user’s telephone.

“FINAL FANTASY XIV Online GO brings the thrilling practical experience of gathering to wherever you happen to be, transforming your place into a literal hub of gathering nodes,” the description with the app reads. “With the exceptional mixture of Square Enix’s cutting-edge software and your smartphone geolocation capabilities, it is possible to harvest in-game sources outdoors, within the genuine world.”

For all those who would like to take their resource harvesting for the next level at the expense of their mobile devices, the new app would also have you covered with an optional tool known as the Harvesting Stick. It’s basically a selfie stick, but you may bet it’d take your resource gathering game to new heights.

“We are also operating using a Japanese style company that have created a state of your art accessory for GO which we are calling the FFXIV Gil Online GO Harvesting Stick,” the video joked.

This Harvesting Stick is just not just a plastic stick, the joke continued, and is alternatively a really special stick. Players attach their telephone towards the finish of it and smash it against trees and rocks to increase their mining resource possible exponentially. You’ll be able to also use it to fish, even though the video shows specifically how that would function out for most folks.

Much more on Final Fantasy XIV Online GO can be seen via the web site, but do not expect to locate a release date.