Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Review-In-Progress: Rare is really a Game That Trusts Its Players


Numerous hours into Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, your character, the Warrior of Light, actions off a boat onto the pier of Kugane. This medieval Japanese-style city is definitely the only port on the island of Hingashi, enabling citizens from about the globe to come and trade. It can be a city of merchants, of energy struggles behind the scenes. Kugane is every single bit an ornate masterpiece and it’s unquestionably the main hook of Stormblood.

Most massively multiplayer on line (MMO) games would present an action-heavy quest with some cinematics then thrust you into Kugane. That’s what expansions do: they show off the highlights right away, so they will get players hooked. There’s normally this worry that you happen to be going to shed the player if you never constantly hit them using the bright and shiny.

Final Fantasy XIV (buy cheap FFXIV Gil) is different. Even though I’ve troubles together with the requirement that players have to get through all of the preceding story content material to play the most recent stuff, it results in a different playerbase. FFXIV players are invested inside the story in the Warrior of Light and also the Scions from the Seventh Dawn. They care in regards to the war in between the Garlean Empire and Eorzean Alliance. They care about characters like Thancred, Urianger, Alphinaud, Raubahn, and Hildibrand. If they did not, FFXIV would be some thing of a extended slog of a game.

Because Square Enix knows their audience cares about the game’s plot, towards the point that numerous laud the game because the very best Final Fantasy title within a long time, they can tackle Stormblood differently than many other MMOs.

Possessing this rapt (or captive?) audience permits the group at Square Enix to possess some breathing space in how they approach expansions. In place of sending you straight to Kugane as well as the far off lands of Hingashi and Doma, Stormblood drops the Warrior of Light into the area of Gyr Abania, where the occupied Ala Mhigo lies. Inside your ongoing fight against the Garlean Empire, that is your next step, fomenting rebellion in the displaced folks of your area.

It’s a slow burn, with early quests barely involving combat, just ferrying you from spot to place, teaching you in regards to the people today from the region. “This is Rhalgar’s Attain,” the game says to players, after which it explains why the location is important. You meet the people today who live there and comprehend how their lives happen to be ruined, not only by the Garleans, but also The Griffin, a neighborhood resistance fighter.

The truth is, if you are new to Final Fantasy XIV(get Final Fantasy XIV Gil) and attain the Stormblood expansion via the use of jump potions, then you definitely could be surprised in the lack of fighting within the major story quests overall. You can find some “Kill X to have Y” quests, but many of those are optional quests for regional NPCs.