Final Fantasy XIV Welcomes the Adore with Valentione’s Day Event


Lisette de Valentione is coming back to Final Fantasy XIV, ready to spread the love and shenanigans for new mounts and furniture.

These days Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XIV’s classic lovey-dovey seasonal even “Valentione’s Day” is coming back once much more this year.

As soon as much more players may have to seek out Lisette de Valentione and see what inane tasks and funny intrigue she has in retailer, so as to earn some Final Fantasy XIV Gil goodies.

We’ll get two twin mounts inside the kind of a flying couch which will let us hover with our beloved ones as we amiably chat surrounded by pink velvet, a rose wagon, some Valentione’s Day Balloons, and a Valentione’s Day advertisement poster for our houses and apartments.

You can see them in the image below, and determine if they entice your heart.

The events will launch on February 2nd, at 12:00 AM PST, and will finish suitable after Valentine’s Day (the actual a single that my autocorrect feature does not attempt to alter just about every time) on February 15th at 6:59 AM PST.

Final Fantasy XIV is presently readily available for PS4 and PC, and right now it just received a huge update numbered 4.2 and titled “Rise of a new Sun.” Amongst the numerous adjustments, players will probably be in a position to fight the iconic Phantom Train and everyone’s most beloved Final Fantasy villain, Kefka.

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