Final Fantasy XIV’s New Trailer Hints The Return of Franchise’s Favored Baddie


Inside a trailer concerning the latest patch coming to Final Fantasy XIV, fans were treated with a very short video, which may be hinting in the return of a classic franchise villain.

Patch 4.2, that is also called the “Rise of a brand new Sun,” is coming to Final Fantasy XIV by the finish of this month. While the video mentioned above was filled with gameplay previews showing some of the new contents to arrive in the game, the final few seconds with the trailer were equally fascinating to fans. read more

Before the screen turns black and ends, the four-minute video functions an incredibly familiar face of a clown-looking baddie known as Kefka Palazzo. The look is far more complete when people hear the popular and creepy laugh of Kefka.

Nonetheless, the look of Kefka within the trailer has not been linked towards the story presented as a teaser for “Rise of a new Sun”, which has produced it vague what role he will play inside the upcoming patch.

Kefka is one of the distinct enemy bosses in Final Fantasy, that is in all probability what created him a franchise preferred. Due to the fact of his dark wit, he has made a mark within the series of video games, especially with his catchy phrases.

Regardless of this, Kefka can also be generally known as one of several handful of antagonists inside the series, with a quite loud character. He was initially introduced in “Final Fantasy VI”, exactly where he was considered originally to be a trusty assistant to a further enemy, a reputable aide to Emperor Gestahl. Even so, he basically features a plan of his personal, aiming for destroying virtually all the things, which includes his supposed boss.

While Kefka’s role in “Rise of a brand new Sun” is still unknown, it really is tough to think that Square Enix has placed him inside the trailer for no explanation.

Meanwhile, “Rise of a brand new Sun” will likely be released on January 30, bringing new game features, new Beast Tribe and Main Scenario quests, Raid and high-level dungeons, and more. Welcome to buy FFXIV Gil on anytime you’ll need.