Final Fantasy XIV’s Yoshida Naoki on Going F2P – ‘No Program at All’


A brand new interview with Final Fantasy XIV’s Yoshida Naoki has been published on Korean web site where he’s particularly asked about the possibility of moving the game to a free-to-play revenue model. His answer is unequivocal, “We have no program for F2P at all.” The answer came as part of a larger discussion from the 4.3 update and common gameplay in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Final Fantasy XIV Reddit includes a translation of a portion in the article where YoshiP speaks of free-to-play:

Q: Is F2P something you have not considered yet?

Y: Completely not. It’s a enterprise immediately after all and we look at income via games. Having said that, we take into consideration the close trust among developers and players than merely attempting to maximize the profit in short time frame.

Games like Dragon Quest Builder recently released in Korea and FFXIV are in similar in that sense–It’s all about that “if these guys made this game, it’s a protected bet to spend and likely to take pleasure in it myself.” It really is a great deal advantageous for us inside the lengthy run.

Within the developer’s perspective, we think that speedy profit is not the ideal way. Even when FFXIV is producing sizable profit surprisingly nicely, we do not desire to push players to attain cheap FFXIV Gil additional in their wallet. Alternatively, it could be better to encourage at the least 2 to 3 instances the population with lowered spending per person, establishing healthful continuation of 3 to 10 years in sight. Hence we have no program for F2P at all.

Additionally, this “Social game” market in Japan is in rough condition . Lots of games do not final past 2 months and also the way I see it’s the broken trust amongst the developers as well as the players by taking a look at the profit than something else. Only factor left out right after all of the games born and dead were Characters and IPs…

The interview also covers subjects such as the “demands” among international and regional versions of FFXIV, mobile MMORPGs and a number of other folks. It is possible to check FFXIV Gil out at the links above.

What do you feel of YoshiP’s answer? Would you would like to see a F2P version of FFXIV or not?