Final Fantasy XIV:The Feast Season 7 Will Begin on March 13th, Specifics of Some Rewards


There is a superior nes for all Final Fantasy XIV fans that the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone has been updated because the Feast Season 7 will probably be kicking off on Tuesday, March 13th. Though the post indicates that there will probably be “action adjustments” produced to regulate the alterations and jobs, there won’t be any alterations made towards the map. That is definitely a procedure that “will need some more improvement time, so we’re presently aiming to introduce those in Patch four.3”. There will probably be “big modifications towards the map layout…to employ improved strategy”.

Though this post does not express clear what exactly the adjustments are that may arrive with 4.25, we do understand that a minimum of a few of the rewarded veterans will receive.

People that enter the prime 100 will obtain a quite impressive mount of rewards that is related to “to that 1 the mad scientist was riding”. Individuals who won the very first location will further be rewarded and epic searching trophy. People who don’t “make the cut” can still get wolf collars that may be exchanged to get a weapon of choice at a later date.

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