Five Story Driven Star Wars Games Fans Will Appreciate


So you have possibly already noticed the news that Visceral Games is closing its doors, and, as a result, the Star Wars project that the group was operating on is now shifting gears towards a brand new multiplayer experience.

This has seriously bummed out many players that had been searching forward to a solo Star Wars adventure, 1 that focused extra on story as opposed to multiplayer interaction. Accurate, Battlefront II may have all of these elements once they release next month, but some fans were searching forward to coping with matters in their very own hands, in lieu of through an internet connection.

And more than the years, we’ve observed a number of SWTOR credits games which have demonstrated that a excellent Star Wars story could possibly be told inside a single player arc. To pay tribute for the project that Visceral was operating on – together with the cancelled-too-soon Star Wars: 1313, we’ve place together a list of five superb Star Wars games that had been extra about the story and not so much the competition.

Track down a copy of those games in the event you can. The Force will surely be with you.

Star Wars: Knights from the Old Republic

Let’s just begin with the large one particular that genuinely matters, and the game that place BioWare on the map when it came to storytelling. Knights of the Old Republic is conveniently one of the most beloved Star Wars games ever made, and it is not tough to see why. Original characters, amazing writing, epic role-playing style battles and one of several most significant twists within the Star Wars lexicon (outdoors on the films) make Knights an adventure that is worth reliving once again and once more. BioWare did continue work around the series with all the Old Republic, but, sadly, that was far more of a multiplayer affair, and focused much less on what created Knights so good to begin with. Fortunately, it’s pretty quick to buy SWTOR credits discover a copy for Xbox, PC and mobile devices.