Fortnite 7.20 Update Patch Notes: Glider Redeploy, Scoped Revolver Added


Epic Games has released but a different update for Fortnite, in addition to the patch notes detailing every thing that is new in v7.20. The patch is now reside across PS4, Xbox 1, Pc, Nintendo Switch, and mobile, bringing back the not too long ago teased glider redeploy mechanic, as well as a brand new Fortnite weapons and limited-time mode. Here’s the full rundown on what to count on next time you jump in.

Glider redeploy was initially tested in Season 6, enabling players to open their gliders once again during a match and hang glide if they had been at a higher adequate altitude. This time about, Epic has itemized the potential. Players will now be able to discover new Fortnite Items–confusingly named Gliders–as loot, which add “charges” that allow them to redeploy their glider for the duration of a match a set number of instances.

“The purpose with the item is always to deliver mobility and utility, but inside a kind that may be balanced and iterated upon,” Epic explained. “By implementing glider redeploy as an item we are able to iterate on multiple various levels (i.e. redeploy height, movement speed, drop opportunity, charge count), which includes inventory slot tension.”

As well as glider redeploy, Epic has introduced yet another new weapon to the game: the Scoped Revolver, a handgun that allows players to fire precision shots. The gun is usually located as floor loot or in chests, provide drops, or vending machines. It comes in Epic and Legendary variants and utilizes medium ammo.

The developer has also kicked off a new LTM: One particular Shot. In this mode, players only have 50 health, and the only weapons and items available are snipers and bandages. Gravity has also been decreased, as has the Storm wait time for all phases of your match.

Rounding out the update is often a quantity of bug fixes and gameplay adjustments. Most notably, Epic has made a few improvements to ziplines, producing it easier to alter directions while riding 1. It is possible to discover the full patch notes for the Battle Royale changes under; the complete patch notes for other modes are available on Epic’s web site.