Fortnite Bug Let Players Destroy Entire Buildings


Epic Games lately fixed a bug in Fortnite that was letting players destroy entire buildings like these discovered in Tilted Towers with ease.

Players started noticing the bug throughout the weekend as videos just like the 1 below showed up buy Fortnite Items online and demonstrated ways to break down buildings quickly. Sharing an instance with the constructing bug for the Fortnite Competitive subreddit, a player submitted a video that showed them replicating the bug and leveling a tall developing in Tilted Towers.

Reproducing the bug took barely any materials with only a couple of structures and an edit required to collapse the developing. Right after connecting several floors to the side of a creating, the player edited the piece that connected for the wall to eliminate one-fourth of the floor. Tacking a wall onto the opposite finish then destroying it brought on the makeshift bridge to collapse, however the destruction did not stop there. The player-built structure treated the rest on the tower like an extension from the bridge and destroyed all the things above exactly where the point exactly where the two connected.

No components or Fortnite Items inside the building were dropped to lower levels, so it would not be a viable solution to farm the inside of a constructing swiftly, however the end with the video does show why the bug will be problematic. A player who was inside in the creating when it collapsed fell for the ground and was eliminated by the fall damage, a outcome that could take out various players at after considering how handful of sources are necessary and how populated Tilted Towers may be in the commence of a match.

Though players have been able to possess some exciting using the bug throughout the weekend with some players within the post commenting on how they’d observed Tilted Towers entirely leveled in a few of their games, Epic Games didn’t let the exploit survive lengthy. Inside a tweet shared early Sunday morning, the Fortnite Twitter account mentioned that a server update was released that fixed a problem with “unintended destruction of non-player structures.” The description in the bug perfectly fits what was happening within the video above, so it appears that the building-destroying bug is no longer around for players to exploit.