Fortnite Update 2.03 Patch Notes


Currently, Fortnite has released a brand new update which demands all players to download ahead of continuing with Fortnite Battle Royale. This new client update is only available across PS4, Xbox One and Pc correct now, however it will likely be coming to Nintendo Switch quickly at the same time. read more

Nonetheless, as opposed to the usual Tuesday game updates, you shouldn’t anticipate to find out any sweeping adjustments for the game. Today’s new update is just a client update, so it should not contain any large new additions for the game.

The news was confirmed late last night by the post from Epic Games official Fortnite Twitter account, which wrote: We’ve got released a client update that includes a couple of stability/bug fixes. No downtime, but you may need to download the update.

The following listed are the only changes that confirmed for today’s new update 2.03:

Fixed crashing concerns
Matchmaking functionality improvements
added fixes for glitches.
Added fixes for frame drop, stuttering and lag troubles.
added efficiency and stability improvements.
Added many below the hood fixes.
Added fixes for players reported glitches

As outlined by an early report from dataminers, many of the changes to the game files appear to be related to the newly released overtime challenges. But seeking forward for the rest of this week, it appears that the games long-awaited Driftboard is set to arrive pretty quickly.

Last week’s 7.40 update contained files that indicated that the new Restricted Time Mode will be known as the “Driftin” within the game.

Assuming Epic Games sticks to the usual Tuesday update day, we may see the Driftboard and LTM released tomorrow. While currently, you are going to require to wait for additional particulars, you are able to also get Fortnite Items and play the game now.