Fortnite: Why We Nevertheless May possibly Get To Unlock The Prisoner Skin Stage 5


Whatever is about to come about towards the map in Fortnite: Battle Royale, the prisoner is clearly in the center of it. He’s the reward skin for the Snowfall challenge, and he’s been on a bit of a journey. Players happen to be able to buy Fortnite Items unlock new stages from the skin over the past three weeks, removing his shackles and activating the fiery magma that seems to become coursing by means of his veins. The final time we saw him he was activating some sort of fire ritual north of Wailing Woods and unlocking his fourth Stage. But I’ve a feeling that this is not the final thing we’re going to view him do.

You can find only 4 stages in the Prisoner skin inside the game files right now, and they’ve been there because he very first arrived in the game. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a fifth stage in there somewhere: the team has clearly been able to add additional types to preceding skins within the patch, and some thing concerning the prisoner just doesn’t appear completed however. He still has shackles around his waist and neck, as an example. And if he’s meant to be a kind of “Fire King” foe for the Ice King, he does not quite appear like he’s there however.

There is no shortage of fan concepts for any stage 5 available, all of them underlining the identical point: that wherever the Prisoner is going, he just does not really feel like he’s there but.

This story, also, does not really feel completed. We have more than per week left within the season, and it is not out from the question that we’re going to get Fortnite Weapons 1 extra loading screen to come immediately after the fire ritual we’ve ideal now. There is clearly anything taking place with these earthquakes, immediately after all, and I’d expect their dramatic conclusion to become represented within the screens at some point.