Guild Wars 2 devs donate thousands to assist fan rebuild right after home fire


Guild Wars 2 developers donated $3,500 to a fan’s crowdfunding web page after a fire consumed everything but a copy of her collectors edition of Nightfall, an expansion for Guild Wars. Buy gw2 gold online.

As Kotaku reports, the fire struck two weeks prior to Christmas and destroyed the house that Siadina (actual name Flora Hunsucker) lived in with her household. When returning to survey the damage to determine what might be salvaged, she filmed the discovery of her unscathed collectors edition of Nightfall.

She posted the video to Twitter and tagged developer ArenaNet, and was approached shortly just after by the studio’s social media coordinator asking for her address to send a t-shirt. Flora started playing Guild Wars in 2005. “It was my first MMO,” she told Kotaku. “I fell in appreciate with it.” She has logged more than 4,000 hours within the 1st game, and about a further 2,500 in Guild Wars 2.

Later on it was revealed that ArenaNet made a $3,500 donation to Siadina’s crowdfunding campaign, and as an alternative of getting cheap gw2 gold a t-shirt she was sent all the Guild War games signed by the developers.

“Thank you is so inadequate. It’s all I got. Thank you for me and my household and everything. I didn’t expect any of this,” Siadina expressed to Kotaku. “To possess the Guild Wars neighborhood come up behind me so strongly and so positively, it really is a blessing without price.”