Guild Wars 2: Launch Trailer for Path of Fire + Lesernews from Sputti007


On September 19 ArenaNet released the launch trailer for Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. In terms of content, we had been shown slightly additional of your history which will lead us in to the struggle against the human god Balthasar. This has returned to Tyria immediately after centuries of the absence of your gods to be able to Buy gw2 gold absorb the magic of the old dragons and therefore become probably the most strong getting ever. In undertaking so, he requires no account on the globe of persons who’re threatened by the chaos of magic.

The process of our heroic group is now to defeat the god and to defend the old dragon Kralkatorrik, which truly belonged to our enemies. Two in the six dragons we’ve already killed and a further death could bring about an explosion of magic that nobody would survive. But not all beings in Tyria comprehend why we fight the God and defend the dragons. As well as the direct conflicts with Balthasar, there will also be discussions in our own ranks.

Moreover, the servants on the Old Dragon, who’re not well-disposed towards us regardless of our mission, await us, and the servants on the Undead King Palawa Joko, who governs large parts of Elona and reigns ironically with his army. So for any great deal of tension and a lot of GW2 Gold battles is as a result ensured!

Within the trailer, we are able to also see quite a bit of previously unseen sections with the new regions and, not surprisingly, the new elite specializations. The trailer consists of no unique effects, but only builds on scenes from the game, but should really have drawn every Guild Wars 2 fan below its spell! From Friday about 18:00 clock we can finally go on our own exploration tour to the new places.