Guild Wars 2 News: Limitless Gathering Tools Will Come to a Wardrobe


There is a new post updated on the Guild Wars 2 website, detailing several of the upcoming quality of life changes coming to limitless gathering tools. You might recall that you can purchase the unlimited gathering tools from the Gem Retailer, and contain issues just like the Watchwork Mining Pick or the Fortunate Dog Harvesting Tool. Under the new technique, you might be able to change the appearance with transmutation charges inside the similar manner as you do with your armor, weapons and backpack.

Additionally to the compact bonuses that players receive utilizing limitless tools, the new glyphs will turn into accessible which will present even more, such as the Glyph of the Tailor that adds a 33% possibility to receive more scraps or Glyph of Flight that increases movement speed for 5 seconds just after gathering.

Now you could make use of the glyphs (form of upgrade component) to customize your gathering tools. If you need your Fortunate Dog Harvesting Tool to fetch scraps of leather as opposed to trophies, swap its Glyph in the Scavenger for any Glyph of your Leatherworker.

Most of the tools inside the game now may have an upgrade slot that permits you to swap glyphs in and out freely without the need of utilizing an upgrade extractor. The glyphs applied to limited-use tools will return for your inventory after you’ve consumed the final gathering charge.

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