Hand to steal the energy of your delay, around the double dot rub anger hit boss.


Disperse and consume breath movement remedy
This component is the priority among priorities from the boss, greater than half of your time within the wasteland and movement. Familiar with running in disperse
The initial bubble doesn’t break up, the bubble of persons straight eat bubble corresponds for the color with the ninth.3 charge soon after the charge just isn’t dispersed, so you’ll need to cope with the 7 round of debuff.
Bubble mechanism is 3 can disperse foam debuff, disperse the debuff will pass for the nearest person. Debuff foam disappear naturally right after leaving the color corresponding to the debuff within the body, if there are 2 various colors of your debuff will be straight sprayed.
Bubble debuff to get a total of 8 seconds. The point of your persons within the eight seconds to complete the “eat the corresponding breath + disperse for the correct color of the teammates”. According to the time axis you will discover 2 different remedy strategies:
1 countdown 5 seconds – Paowei consume breath. Dispel all rounds for non 3,six round.
Debuff with 3 seconds to run to the corresponding color light, debuff countdown five seconds away. Right after spewing floor unified all Paowei, consume the corresponding breath.
2 1st to eat vomit breath -0 seconds to disperse. Applicable towards the third and sixth round.
Firstly, eat the color corresponding for the breath, debuff folks keep in mind the floor colour position. Just after spraying debuff ought to be left significantly less than 3 seconds. Other men and women usually do not move in just debuff folks ran towards the corresponding color floor location, the final 0 seconds away.
All the disperse movement, exactly the same colour debuff are enough to disperse, to prevent cross jump. Just after the flow of skilled debuff jump is definitely the most death. Only the individual to improvise.
Obviously, this also includes a certain luck. Point 3 is the most dangerous from the same colour, it is quick to jump one another. Simply because the CD can not be dispersed to fill the drive, the other jumped out with the dead.
There may possibly be an added charge before the bubble debuff (not included in the statistics, the debuff) don’t take breath so do not worry. The basic is 3 seconds to disperse, for the reason that when the countdown five seconds is going to be a hit fly, fly towards the subsequent blow million individuals of colour error on GG.
The treatment is very hard to see others when Paowei disperse properly, specially in the treatment of their time. Only the mandatory time node straight disperse, flooding the wrong individual that DPS runs a problem.
When debuff ought to also pay consideration to disperse, for the reason that at the very same time will lick.
In addition, debuff is a damage, remedy plus their very own to disperse the target on the blood should not be sprayed.
Rush phase and violent processing
three minutes and 40 seconds to charge third times over, soon after an excellent brush roaring attack melee blood, even entered the final stage of rush.
Debuff usually do not disperse, therapy to fight boss, brush the final 3 debuff of blood. Remedy may be straight just before the station boss to send one.
The last empty spray on, then the boss will start an assault group. Hard fury is 4 seconds 05 seconds.
DZ and CJQ can survive hard fury, and dodge / invincible can DUOKANG 6-8 second boss. belongs for the VIP occupation.
Some practical guidelines
The friendly open blood wonders, consume breath and look within the dispersed Paowei disperse whether or not in location quite intuitive.
Our initial reaction in flames have to bear violent recovery, will by no means die. Usually do not think what sort of healing brush, somewhat slower on GG.
Bear type consume belch, deer run type breath /debuff, really straightforward to use.
The test of individual potential and team boss. rhythm is extremely compact, and also the reaction is quite significant. Never score expertise.
Each of the boss mechanism of adequate understanding, a wrong is equal to two occasions of attrition, the wrong DPS definitely can not fall.

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