Have no toilet of pandaria! you heard me — not a entire pandaria toilet.


No matter whether such as remote villages or extravagant honeydew village, including seven temple; no matter if the river like fine red perch, still waters upstream such as coastal village; no matter whether it really is lovely scenery such as Xianglilacun, dirty or muddy as saline mud; whether it is actually as clean as the White Tiger Temple just isn’t higher, or low damp Zhu temple also crane no; regardless of whether it is actually mining field dust not even, there’s still a high requirement of thunderkeg winery on water high quality and atmosphere, no!

Even so, the goblin Levitt, the emergency brake is distinct. The goods simply because the bomb bomb disorderly fried with light, rapid witted, decided to set up a temporary toilet, arrange the monkey monkey P. Guldin who will then toilet pee, monkey dung into biogas compressed bombs against invading Jin fish.
The goblin reckless, plus the no nonsense, promptly commence defense drama! Green Xiang as fineness, smell the stench of vomit is, with a bomb like energy, Jin Murloc moment many casualties, frustrated!

This war is so frenzied and dirty, to Yulianli, Victor Jicha himself to not mention, “if we are able to leave right here, do not mention it.”, but later removed for the toilet.
As before, I want the toilet why not affiliated power Blizzard? Boy, no one wanted to eventually escape the day, did not escape the fifteen!
Six, Delano’s toilet
Many people today play the game, in reality, there is such a query: my role is usually to consume, drink and drink, and I see it, it’s not scientific ah!
I have to say or comprehend the blizzard game player, in the “World of Warcraft: King of Delano > fortress method has gone in to the toilet. Only really like to make a fortress game player, you will get such an antique wooden toilet, drilling can get an achievement” law of life “.

Though it’s a smaller set, however the game is full of feeling, after all, wanting to answer the role with the game challenging few Chugong toilet, correct?
Seven, the broken islands from the toilet
Inside the broken islands, I only located a story of the toilet, is situated within the northwest of Dalaran magic pet enterprise district for theater.
Properly, this toilet has said the story is just not extremely accurate, simply because there is certainly no point to what activity here. Even so, when we from the toilet window towards the crescent to view, could make up the brain a series of hot eye story:

One example is: facing the crescent mouth posted a picture on the goblin women wearing bikinis sexy, I don’t forget this picture appeared in Delano on that wretched Nagrand, Goblin youngster photo collections; under is a series of strange and eccentric character, nobody knows what exactly is written, but no one knows these Luantie graffiti are “toilet culture”

Then appear down, for the horror: a brief Hu men, naked, so still occupy a toilet, the toilet will not be dumb huh. But not to sell toil work, take off clothes want? So, what was he undertaking?

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