How Final Fantasy XIV’s Improved Solo Duties Strengthen an Already Amazing MMO


It really is no secret that MMORPGs are meant to become played with other people today – that’s what tends to make them fun. Tackling dungeons with each other, working out boss mechanics, and then communicating with players in your group as you operate together to defeat a highly effective foe is often a substantial part of what tends to make this genre so popular. Final Fantasy XIV is no more

Because the official 2.0 reboot of Square Enix’s now-esteemed MMO, the dungeons along with other teamwork-related content have steadily enhanced over the years. Even though the early dungeons begin off somewhat slow – using the initially true, ‘mechanics-heavy’ challenge coming at level 28 in Haukke Manor – Square Enix has carried out nicely to progressively ramp up the difficulty with each and every subsequent dungeon. Today, together with the release of Stormblood earlier this year and patch 4.1 from a few months ago, even the ‘casual’ content like four-man dungeons are somewhat intricate affairs exactly where even minor slip-ups may cause a celebration wipe for the duration of a boss fight. It’s stuff like this that makes an MMO thrilling.

But let’s not ignore probably the most casual of casual content. Final Fantasy XIV is generally praised for its gripping story and engaging writing. Its epic tales are told more than hundreds of hours worth of cutscenes, the aforementioned four-man dungeons and some eight-man trials, also as one particular oft-overlooked aspect in the game: its single-player combat duty instances.

Back within the early days of A Realm Reborn, this was the kind of content that would make any player groan in boredom for the reason that of what a waste of time they may be. The complete 2.0 storyline largely consisted from the Warrior of Light entering a single-player instance, killing a bunch of trash mobs, after which possibly interacting having a shiny object or two. Occasionally, we’d get a boss fight, as well. But these were generally mindless affairs of going via your character rotation although an AI companion healed you up anytime you got FFXIV Gil slightly low on health.

You’d typically be capable of clear these on your first try, but around the uncommon occasion which you failed, it was normally since the game insisted on swarming you with trash mobs, requiring you to kill particular enemies in an order that you simply could not possibly know about with no failing at the very least as soon as.