Lovecraftian horror collides with action-RPG thrills in ‘Secret Globe Legends’


Legends requires The key World’s framework literally, every little thing that’s been released inside the game to date and re-works it as an action-RPG. New combat mechanics, new ways to level up… but all wrapped about precisely the same 100+ hours of content material in the Secret Globe.

The re-working is so dramatic, in reality, that characters in the original version with the game will not be carrying over. In case you play Legends, you could anticipate to begin fresh alongside everybody else.

In line with Funcom, all the things inside the game might be no cost to play and there won’t be any “pay-to-win” components that let you invest in your progress. The original version in the Secret World MMO will continue to exist, but any new content is going to be exclusively for the re-launched version.

If you’re looking for any gaming touchstone that compares to Legends, titles like Destiny and the Division may be the closest. Funcom describes Legends as a “shared-world action RPG.”

I spent about 100 hours digging in with the Secret Planet back when it first launched in 2012. It is a standard MMO in quite a few strategies: you grind your progress out, take part in group activities, mess around with crafting systems, and ally yourself with one of several three factions (largely for PvP purposes).

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The key Planet sets itself apart, 1st, with its setting. The game’s Lovecraftian horror vibe finds a perfect fit inside the opening region, a small New England fishing village inhabited by zombies as well as other gruesome creatures.

While the setting at some point moves far beyond the quite grounded streets and homes of Kingsmouth, the modern-day time period and arsenal gives a refreshing break away in the fantasy/sci-fi settings that most MMOs lean on.

The secret Globe also has some nifty quests that need actual investigation, each in-game and – due to a built-in net browser on the internet.

I don’t forget one quest in unique that involved cracking the password on a locked laptop, with only one particular hint to have you started: “My wife’s name.” A fast search around the location brought me to a pair of well-dressed corpses. Examining the bodies turned up employee ID cards; applying that info, I was in a position to then visit the victims’ corporate web-site and find the names of their spouses.

This is not the sort of problem-solving you’d typically expect to buy SWTOR Credits discover within a video game, let alone an MMO. Yet it worked very effectively, specially due to The secret World’s contemporary setting.

So count me as excited for Secret Planet Legends. The re-launch must benefit from an assortment of technical updates – enhanced graphics, functionality, and so forth. – in addition to the re-worked game.