Mu Legend Launch Day Impressions


MU Legend is usually a new MMO Action RPG from Webzen, or as I like to contact it, the Home that MU Constructed. What’s it? Properly, consider of Devilian, or Diablo 3, or Marvel Heroes with Webzen’s MU stylings. That’s the gist of it. But is it any excellent? The answer is, soon after 24 levels and many hours – yes, we believe? click here

It’s a really hard genre to obtain ideal, the ARPG, and it’s even seemingly harder when you try to make an MMO around it. Precisely the same complications that plagued Devilian, linear questing, lack of a great deal to accomplish outdoors slaying mobs, plague MU Legend. But at its core, there is a exciting game here. Inside the early levels, you’ll in all probability roll eyes at how straightforward the combat is or how boring it feels. It’s not till you develop up many of the flashier abilities that you’ll feel powerful and impactful.

I rolled up a Dark Lord – the tank of MU Legends, and proceeded to function towards the 2-handed hammer side of items. Every single class can level up and use skills focused around two weapon designs although switching amongst them at will. It really is not as deep as a Diablo 2 or Path of Exile skill tree, nevertheless it does let some diversity in how you wish to play a class. It won’t be till your 30s and above that you simply start out to have adequate skills that you simply need to choose and pick that are in your 5 talent hotbar.

Every single ability also levels up as you play with it, and when it hits a new tier, you can add in specific runes that give it more stats like Crit Chance, Attack Energy, and so forth. It’s a good technique to further diversify your develop.

The questing and story in MU aren’t bad per say, but they’re not precisely memorable either. You are the chosen hero sent back in time for you to stop all hell from breaking loose. All of you, just about every among several thousand players may be the chosen one… are not we a little tired of this now? There’s some funny writing and dialog, but in addition some poorly translated sort that just reads awkward.

You can find some good characteristics I have to have to dig far more into, and lots of replayability inside the dungeons and loot chase. But the linear leveling currently has me noping out of your thought of trying a second character.

MU Legend does not have loot boxes, that is nice, nevertheless it does possess a bunch of XP boosts, costumes, mounts, and pets for sale that’ll make your life simpler whilst leveling. I did my gamer duty and dropped $20 for any mount to go 100% more rapidly, but note that you’ll get MU Legend Zen a 50% speed mount around level 20 just from questing.

MU Legend is in open beta these days worldwide, and honestly it is a good tiny hack and slash adventure. But like any on-line game, it is going to will need a diverse chunk of content material in the prime end and purpose to keep coming back if it is going to hold anyone’s interest. Remain tuned for our complete assessment within the next few weeks.