Norway prime minister met to play pocket monster GO was shot saying he was not first


The Prime Minister of Norway, leader of your Conservative Party Elna Solberg was photographed in Parliament when playing Mobile Games “Pokemon GO.” but she is just not to regard it as suitable just isn’t the first, as a result of his desertion inside the Knesset.
In October 4th, Norway < klassekampen > a photographer to Saul Berg around the day with the parliamentary debate secretly using a mobile phone to play “Pokemon GO” game. At that time, the Liberal Party leader Trina Shea Grande is speaking.
Having said that, following Solberg responded that Grande won’t thoughts, because she had performed a thing equivalent. Grande also issued on twitter in support of Solberg, “she knows what I stated, we are able to use a single of two women”
Niantic currently announced its subsequent update for the game’s GO (GO Pokemon), the game will soon be a significant update once more.
Played the original game game player knows, the most original is only permitted to carry six pokemon. game player in the next update just after the game player may also use six Pokemon to fight inside the Hall Road, as an alternative to just the a single employing a fight, this update makes the game are going to be closer to the original game. Additionally, in education, CP will try to adjust to match the opponent’s Pokemon game player Pokemon, let him get greater education impact.
This can be updated within the near future, when each iOS and Android players is often updated for free.

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