Path of Exile Arc Witch Major Mechanics Guide


The launch of War for the Atlas, the newest expansion to Path of Exile, brought with it a lot of new abilities and an equally large quantity of alterations to existing builds. Within this guide, we’re going to buy Path of Exile Items go over the mechanics of certainly one of my favored builds, the Arc Witch, and how it adapts to the modifications in Version 3.1.

The Witch in PoE is equivalent to caster classes in other RPGs. An Arc Witch, in distinct, tends to make use of a particular spell named – you guessed it – Arc. Arc, because the name suggests, is often a lightning-based talent that options the ability to chain from a single enemy to an additional. The amount of enemies that Arc can chain to is dependent upon a specific character’s gem and enchantment configuration, but in any event it can not chain more than 11 times per cast.

As you could envision, when every cast of the skill is bouncing around and hitting as much as 11 distinct enemies, the DPS can add up rather rapidly. Recall that the DPS reflected inside the tooltip is just not telling you the entire story (as is usually the case with most tooltip DPS, on most skills, in most games). The tooltip DPS is for each individual enemy hit, so you would require to multiply the tooltip quantity by even so quite a few enemies that you are hitting at as soon as using the potential in an effort to get a extra precise read on your DPS.

Shock is often a lightning-based status ailment. Shock increases an enemies damage taken by up to 50% for an volume of time primarily based around the volume of lightning harm dealt by the player. The Arc ability provides an inherent 10% likelihood to shock any enemies hit by it. So as to bolster this amount, make use of the correct combination of enchantments and other PoE items.

The Arc Witch does not will need to become an particularly crit-heavy create. Instead, just carry sufficient crit to lead to pretty normal Elemental Overload procs. Elemental Overload offers the player a 40% increase to harm dealt around the situation that you’ve landed a crucial hit within the final eight seconds. Therefore, all you need is sufficient crit likelihood to land at the least a single crit every eight seconds and you’d have pretty much continual Elemental Overload.