Path of Exile: Shaping Your Atlas


Just before you start shaping your Path of Exile Atlas, we recommend you study our introduction for the Atlas. After you have carried out that, you will be left with all the question: what exactly is “shaping”? Shaping is usually a mechanic made use of to increase a map five tiers of difficulty. In other words, shaping lets you move a tier 1 map up to tier 6 in difficulty. It is possible to only shape as much as tier 10, because the regular maps only go up in difficulty to tier 15. There are several reasons to shape your maps – possibly you basically choose playing certain maps, or you happen to be wanting to develop a customized farming pattern. Whatever the case may very well be, if you are confused about Path of Exile(poe currency) shaping, this guide will point you within the appropriate direction.

The Positive aspects of “Good” Map Layouts

When you are playing maps, you will come across ones you like and ones you do not like. Shaping a map you like is definitely an straightforward solution to get one particular a lot more high tier map with a layout that you’re fond of. Due to the fact you will be wanting to fill out your Atlas for the map price bonus, possessing far more great layouts to run could be a big benefit.

The good layouts is usually more than individual preference although. This patch, Grinding Gear Games evened out the practical experience that’s gained on each and every map, so there are not maps that are significantly more quickly to run. That being stated, various builds are better at tackling distinctive map layouts. For instance, a Cyclone build tends to like smaller sized alleys, because they will just run down the alley killing every little thing with no needing to backtrack. Maps like Waste Pool and Sewer are exceptionally good for these builds. Ranged builds, like Ice Shot or Kinetic Blast, on the other hand, favor open maps like Dunes exactly where you are able to take complete benefit of one’s variety. Obtaining the maps where your construct excels can be a enormous boost to your encounter gain.

There’s one particular other large cause to shape precise maps: divination cards. Most things within the game can drop from any map equally, but there are some map precise items. Divination cards are certainly one of these. Certain maps are worth shaping particularly to ensure that it is possible to farm the cards from high tier maps. You get each the cards you wish and experience, as opposed to getting to provide up 1 for the other. The divination cards worth farming for are up to you, but preferred alternatives incorporate The Medical professional (for Headhunter) and Abandoned Wealth (for poe orbs).