Shadowbringers is usually a new Final Fantasy XIV expansion, coming 2019


A brand new Final Fantasy XIV expansion dubbed Shadowbringers was announced now at Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival. The new content material is scheduled for any summer time 2019 release and can also include numerous new jobs too as elevated level cap.
Square Enix’s MMO Final Fantasy XIV is about to widen having a new Shadowbringers expansion, announced 16 November 2018. Game producer Naoki Yoshida revealed the new content material at Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in conjunction with new jobs plus a new playable race. Shadowbringers will include new places, new beast tribes and dungeons for players to explore.

A brand new Blue Mage job has been revealed by Square Enix’s president Yosuke Matsuda. The new job will likely be restricted, and not connected to any other IGXE Items class. It is going to also come in 4.5 update, prior to the Shadowbringers expansion. Producer Yoshida also hinted that one of the new jobs is featured inside the teaser trailer for Shadowbringers.

The trailer shows Thancred, among the list of major NPCs from the game wielding a gunblade comparable to these seen in earlier Final Fantasy games. Some recent leaks revealed a Machinist job class so it’s feasible that is the 1 seen in the trailer.

A brand new race is also coming to Final Fantasy XIV. Viera will be the rabbit people today from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Yoshida explained that Viera will likely be the final race they are going to add to the game as it’s a quite tough process to do. The new race will release together with the Shadowbringers expansion.

Other additions consist of a brand new series of endgame raids too as a brand new function in Final Fantasy XI’s Trust program which will enable NPCs to comply with players through dungeons. With this function, players is going to buy FFXIV Gil be in a position to finish the Shadowbringers story on their very own.

A lot more details about the Shadowbringers expansion will likely be revealed through the Fan Festival over the weekend. Till then, check out the teaser trailer.