Spending Christmas in the world of Warcraft


World of Warcraft allows players to dive into a vast fantasy realm populated with players from around the world. Collectively they battle to survive alongside dragons, trolls and warlocks – even on Christmas Day.

Video games have long proved a formidable force in capturing the hearts, imaginations and wallets of men and women all over the world.

Essentially the most immersive gaming practical experience, according to its fans, is World of Warcraft and in Azeroth, exactly where the game is set, even Christmas Day is celebrated with turkey feasts, snowball fights and presents below a tree.

Inside a time where a lot of of us commit a lot more time buy wow gold on the web, what does it mean to celebrate 25 December within a virtual world?

‘It brings us together’

“Me and my pals normally wake up really early collectively. We log on, meet up and make sure everyone is in the exact same place,” says 20-year-old Kieran Hart.

“We’ve typically prepared things like presents and joke gifts, so everyone features a surprise on Christmas morning. We ordinarily give one another [pets] or toys [in the game] that we do not have.

“We just have exciting, and celebrate like anybody would on a typical Christmas – we’ve a Christmas dinner, then take part in group activities like hide-and-seek and scavenger hunts, which I adore.

‘It’s produced our partnership better’

“In the morning, me and my daughter will log into World of Warcraft right after opening presents in true life, and go to Orgrimmar and see what presents Father Winter has left for our characters,” says 33-year-old Naomi Elcoat from Bolton.

“Last year was her very first Christmas within the game so she got loads of new items, she was actually excited. We then went to Timeless Isle mainly because we had gotten some in-game currency for Christmas and purchased some [pets].

‘It’s like a second life’

“My dad was an alcoholic – he divorced my mum and died when I was very young. That created going property for Christmas a little really hard for me, so I moved out when I was 16,” says 27-year-old Stefan Szalk from Wigan.

“My buddies [online] have been there for me – messaging me on Christmas Eve, generating certain I was OK and asking what my plans for Christmas Day have been mainly because they knew I was going to be alone.

‘It makes the day less daunting’

“Because of my break-up with my wife, I’ve lost a lot of my pals and certainly plenty of family members,” says Joseph Morriss, from Fife in Scotland.

“So the way for me to spend time with all the folks that I adore is on the web in the world of Warcraft.

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