Square Enix Presents Final Fantasy XIV Online Go This April Fools’ Day


Have you ever wanted to work with your phone and selfie stick to mine rocks or cut trees, and obtain some sweet XP when undertaking so? Effectively, now you still can not, but Square Enix has made an April Fools’ video of what this kind of game could appear like with their mock trailer of Final Fantasy XIV Online Go.

The video humorously parodies the Pokemon Go craze, splicing the location-based augmented reality genre with Square Enix’s existing MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. In Final Fantasy XIV, Disciples from the Hand classes (miners, botanists, and fishers) can collect things at out there nodes or bodies of water. In Final Fantasy XIV Online Go, players would have already been in a position to visit these nodes in real-world areas, just like PokeStops in Pokemon Go.

The funniest thing about this April Fools’ video is the new “state-of-the-art” accessory named the “Harvesting Stick.” The accessory would let you turn your telephone into a hammer or an axe which you could then swing at real-life rocks and trees “boosting your gathering effectiveness.” The video even shows a player utilizing the accessory as a fishing rod, tossing their telephone into a lake; doing so played the famous Final Fantasy victory jingle.

There’s a warning in the finish on the video: “Square Enix accepts completely no duty for inevitable telephone harm, loss or human injury. Please do not sue us.” Buy low cost Final Fantasy XIV Gil online now.