Star Wars: The Old Republic Gets A Traitor Among the Chiss Update


Players can decide to play as Jedi, Sith, or even a range of other classic Star Wars roles, defining their private story and determining their path down the light or dark side of the Force. Along the way, players will befriend courageous companions who will fight at their side or possibly betray them, according to the players’ actions. Players also can choose SWTOR credits to group up with pals to battle enemies and overcome unbelievable challenges using dynamic Star Wars combat.

The latest update to Star Wars: The Old Republic has landed! In the update, ‘A Traitor Amongst the Chiss’, you’ll journey towards the remote world of Copero to pursue a rogue agent and uncover the traitor’s destructive plans.

The traitor has been revealed! Embark on a daring new story-driven Flashpoint in pursuit of a rogue agent. Journey to Copero – a remote planet occupied by the mysterious Chiss species – to uncover the traitor’s destructive plans. Experience the story along with your Companions, or fight with as much as 3 close friends in multiple challenge modes!

The Star Wars: The Old Republic ‘A Traitor Amongst the Chiss’ update also brings further new attributes like an enhanced group finder, new products inside the ‘Spoils of War’ Cartel Pack, a ton of new appearance options for humans, Cathar, Cyborgs, Chiss and also other species, and also the Master’s Datacron, which permits you to buy SWTOR credits take any player straight to Level 70 and unlock a full set of Galactic Command Armor to get into the action speedily.

Afterwards, descend in to the depths of Iokath to face Nahut – the Son of Shadows – within a brand new Operation boss fight. Your team of 8 or 16 will have to function with each other to overcome Nahut’s deadly stealth assault.

‘A Traitor Amongst the Chiss’ also introduces a brand new Galactic Starfighter map. Pilot your starfighter and rule the skies more than Iokath in fierce 12v12 space battles.

Plus, expertise multiplayer content like under no circumstances ahead of with a revamped Group Finder, love fascinating excellent of life improvements, and more! See the full list of updates in the Patch Notes.