Star Wars: The Old Republic Postponed The Double XP Event


Developers normally endeavor to develop specific tiny mini events for players to take part in to make their characters stronger, richer, additional technical, and not surprisingly, to maintain the player engaged inside the game. For Star Wars: The Old Republic, they were going to complete this with a Double XP event that may appeal to each of the players around. Nevertheless, factors obviously did not go as outlined by program, the team was forced to postpone the event, but not without having giving the players some good news also.

We see that the team notes on their forum that there was a timeline conflict that led it truly is not possible for them to do the Double XP event. Having said that, they did not absolutely cancel it, they are going to instead make it to launch on 12/12. Much more importantly, the team also pointed out that to honor these who had been waiting for the event, they may be extending the occasion due to the fact it arrives until 1/1. That is truly twice the typical time of this event would’ve gone on.

All in all, you don’t must attempt and level up your character during a few busy weeks, insteadly, you’ll have the opportunity to play Star Wars: The Old Republic during the vacation season, and any time you have much more time to get a lot more opportunities to help your character develop.

The players on the game are surprisingly positive to all of this, and in some cases noticed that this delay will advantage those who leave on holidays. Not to mention, ahead of the XP incident, there is a opportunity to create sure they’ve almost everything they need, so they’ll not miss out on any possibility to accomplish one thing.

So whenever you wait, be sure to verify out anything the game can present, or, wait for your opportunity to produce this event function for you personally, it really is your call. And please ensure that to buy SWTOR Credits on legal shop, like IGXE.