Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 5.10.1: The Wretched Hive


BioWare has officially released the patch notes for Star Wars: Old Republic Game Update 5.10.1: The Wretched Hive, that is released on February 12 just after a standard 4 hour long maintenance (Greenwich Imply Time 13-17).

The followings are the full patch notes on the SWTOR(buy SWTOR Credits) Update 5.10.1, which showed up on on February 11th.


Geonosian Queen Lair Boss – The Sith Empire’s ruthless assault on the Jedi colony on Ossus started with Darth Malora, who developed her own breed of mutated Geonosian warriors to work with as shock troops for the attack. But before she made her insectoid army, Malora 1st had to create their master and originator. Left unguarded and unsupervised, this mutated Geonosian Queen is now unleashing numerous waves of her monstrous spawn to dominate the planet’s surface!
Ranked PvP Season 10 – This update marks the finish of Season 10! This also marks the starting of Season 11’s pre-season. Players will acquire any seasonal rewards via in-game mail when Season 11 starts in a few weeks.
Masterwork Weapons – Players can expand their arsenal with new masterwork weapons, these is usually crafted with supplies acquired in the Geonosian Queen on Ossus. They’re able to also be purchased from a vendor for Monumental Shards, that are a brand new Mission reward on Ossus.
Double XP Event – Earn double rewards from February 19th to February 26th.


Sending in-game mail now displays the correct shipping charges (the correct quantity was being taken):
With item: 100 credits
With SWTOR Credits: 100 credits
The following Achievements for defeating Izax on Master Mode no longer reset:
Defeating Izax (8-player)
Defeating Izax (16-player)
Doom’s Delay
Working with “/follow” once once more performs when mounted.
The Archived Cartel Industry Reputations are no longer visible.
Players will no longer see unowned mounts in their Vehicles tab.
Jaesa, Khem Val, Nadia, and Doc can now be acquired from the Companion Locator Terminal.
Added clearer error messages to many Guild Perks when trying to use them in PvP and Master Mode Operations.

other channges:
Crew Capabilities
Galactic Starfighter
Things + Economy
Missions + NPCs