Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Conquest System Might be Overhauled in Game Update 5.8


BioWare’s Eric Musco has posted a long short article in regards to the changes that will be coming to the Conquest System in Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Update 5.8. Players will see major modifications by means of the redo UI, with separate tabs for Solo and Guild Conquests, each and every with clear progression. Furthermore, Conquest objectives happen to be reorganized to supply unique types of rewards, also as rebalancing point values for all objectives.

Conquest Objectives alterations include:

Completing objectives will now award credits, practical experience points, and Command Expertise additionally to their Conquest points.
Conquest point values for all objectives happen to be rebalanced across the board.
Additionally to one-time and repeatable, there are now also day-to-day objectives. Some existing objectives will change variety with 5.8.
The Invasion bonus for Conquest objectives has been removed.
The Stronghold bonus still applies but has been changed. Each and every owned Stronghold counts for a 25% bonus, up to a max of 150%. Sorry to all you “Stronghold full of chairs’ owners available.
Weekly Conquests are no longer on a set schedule and can be randomly chosen each and every week. The exception to this rule is that Conquests that coincide with recurring events will nonetheless be on a set schedule (such as the Gree occasion).
For Guild Conquests, BioWare has chosen to “shake up the leaderboards” by separating rewards from leaderboard presence. Every single planet will have “three designated Invasion Targets”, each and every with its personal threshold for the minimum quantity of points expected to fulfil the objective. “The greater the yield the harder it is for the guild to get the rewards, however it also means a improved reward”.

“We have made this adjust, to encourage more leaderboard competition among equivalent size Guilds, smaller sized Guilds going right after smaller sized Yields, and more. Please note that this is not a restriction, just a recommendation. If a bigger Guild wants to go for less rewards in a smaller yield, they could, as well as the very same is true of a smaller Guild wanting to get the highest yield.”

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