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NBA2K Ten major breakthrough players third – Durant

NBA2K Ten major breakthrough players third – Durant


Selected reasons: 2009-2012 season for the three regular season scoring, the most active players to cut points

Comprehensive score:

Layup action: maybe it’s height, arm exhibition Adu in the game with the turning, bad luck is very clumsy. But this does not prevent us to break, the breakthrough is to turn around and Adu in the basket strong or very overbearing.

Velocity / ball: 168 speed, not too fast, in the middle. 168 on the ball in the SF position above is very high the. And Adu long wingspan, or is swung open people’s Congress windmill dunk, or top people split single hand buckle potential layup easy.

Explosive: KD definitely has unparalleled physical talent, 208cm height, 228cm arm of the exhibition, which for any defender will be nightmare in the perimeter have accurate shooting. Dart to domineering dunk. While riding a little buckle, but situ buckle, very very ornamental, low is also very good. If James Wade is from another planet, then Durant is, and they are of the same planet

Basket: 180 the close, 206 tall, strong inside the game to eat any SF is almost no problem, even James.

Anti interference ability: Freddy’s basket interference can ratio estimation is second only to James the. Folding basket hit rate, body deformation of the shots hit rate is quite high. Perhaps people would say that KD is not strong enough, but we must have a clear Durant weight than a rookie increased 20 pounds. Obviously, we can see, Durant each arm of the season in thicker. Now KD, not afraid of any physical confrontation, and often in the body loses balance case, shooting, or layup, sometimes even across a 7-footer dunk

Practical index: 96 [out of 100]

Global Impression: often full and in the attack on a very explosive force, can score from anywhere on the court. Height, outstanding sports talent and natural instinct let the became a great rebounder and capping hand. And in a game that Freddy will only become more comprehensive and more sharp, more invincible

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